Breast Cancer

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About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Cancer is a topic that hits people really hard,and brings up horrible memories.Though some have had it, a lot of people do not know what is really is.Cancer is a disease that fights with the central immune system.Cancer starts off as a gook that sticks to the sides of your vital organs.It starts to break down and decay them(Ted-Ed).When that gak substance leaves it leaves behind a gak that starts to replenish(cancer).Your body would then be a mixture of over 100 bad germs(cancer).Cancer is not just a disease .It is made up of over 100 kinds that take different effect on people.Your body will get immune to being very limp and getting easily sickened..If you are always around carcinogens your body would get worse becasue of the fumes and chemicals in the air.It does not help becasue you body needs regular oxegyn to help break down the hard gook(cancer).Some Cancer is made up of a tumor.They are abnormal cells that form together to make a hard lump called a tumor.It usually sits on tissue and starts to eat away at it(cancer).Soon your body starts to try to fight the germs ,but since there are so many your body will most likely die and the germs will dies also because there is nothing replenishing it(cancer).

By: Nia Robinson

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

By: Anna DeVido

Breast Cancer can be one of the worst things anyone can go through.

There are a bunch of symptoms of breast cancer the big ones are, a lump on the breast and death. Girls and boys can both get breast cancer. With breast cancer comes a lump on the breast. The worst symptoms everyday. The symptoms for breast cancer can terrible!

Many people do get through breast cancer. It is tough but it's not impossible. Some people got their treatments. Others have awareness groups, People go through breast cancer differently. I believe that everyone should keep fighting though.

These symptoms of breast cancer are hard to deal with. People are still fighting to find a cure. People suffer through but they fight. People get through it. Breast cancer can be tough but they get through it. Girls and boys with breast cancer will not stop fighting.

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Diagnosing Breast Cancer

By: Evie Collins

Diagnosing Breast Cancer can be done many different ways. Since women usually are the ones to get Breast Cancer they should go to a specialist once a year to have an annual breast exam. Doctors can do genetic test, nuclear medicine scans, X-Rays, MRI’s, blood and urine test, and even a Endoscopy. There are tons of specialists to go to if you have breast cancer. After you start showing symptoms it is pretty easy to diagnose it from there. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose Breast Cancer but for other people it is easy. On some tests you can get immediate results unlike other test, the results take a couple of days. After you get the results you can start your treatments.(Peacock, Judith)

Treatments for Breast Cancer

By: Parker Richardson

There are tons of treatments in the world for cancer ,but which ones work best.The truth is there is’nt one treatment that is the best.The reason there are so many treatments is because the most common treatment does not always work and most of them work often.The most common treatment is surgery .The reason is because during surgery they remove the tumors.But 90%of the time it Dosent work because the cancer has already spread.Surgery is most often done when having breastcancer. Most often this treatment work because they remove one or both breasts which gets rid of the cancer cells.”Cancer”.

Another treatment is radiation and this treatment is used for almost all cancer patients.This treatments damages cancer cells.The downside of this is that it also damages and destroys normal cells.So if the patient dosent have alot of cancer cells they can die from this.(Cancer)

Chemothrepy is used on most often if surgery dosent work.It is also a common treatment.Chemotheraphy works best when used for systemic cancers.It does have alot of effects tough.Most of the time patients get servere nauseua ,hairloss,and get very tried.Some drugs help with the nauseua .Luckly ,these effects do go away slowly after patients are done with treatment.(Cancer)

Out of of all the treatments there are none of them are better than others because treatments work differently on ever patient.The different treatments that are created have different effects some are long some are short.New treatments for cancer are being done every day.If there was just one treatment than it would be terrible because everyone needs different treatment”(Breast)

Stages of Grief with Cancer

By: Olivia Gray

The five stages of grief are a grieving process many people go threw. Certain problems and diseases can affect it more than others, but here are the stages.

  1. Denial is the first stage. When we keep thinking and telling ourselves the certain event has not happened, this helps shelter us for the upcoming stages and prepares us.

  2. Anger is the second stage. Your anger will surface and seem never ending. (

But this is mainly because anger is another symbol of your love. (

3. Bargaining is the third stage. Lots of what ifs’ and why’s. When you beg for the problem to get better in exchange for false promises we say we’ll fulfill.

4. Depression is the fourth stage. When you feel eternally sad, and shelter and hide yourselves from everyone.

5. Acceptance the final stage. Mainly mixed up with finally being okay and happy again. WRONG most of the time the victim never fully recovers. ( Acceptance is just accepting that it DID happen. And can cancer affects these stages by making them revolve around it. You are either knowing someone with the disease or it’s YOU with it! And certain stations go with certain stages of cancer. This shows that these stages can affect someone's life and family dramatically.

Family Care

By: Jada Jones

Caring for a patient with breast cancer can be tough. What if you do something wrong to that person and seriously hurts them? Before you try to care for someone with breast cancer, look up ways on how to care for a patient with breast cancer.

There are a plenty of ways to care for someone with breast cancer(Goldsmith). First, ask that person how they feel about how you caring for them because some people want to be cared for in a different way. Someone might actually want a family member to take care of them. You should never force a patient to do something because it can make them feel uncomfortable(Goldsmith).

When talking with the patient, try to listen to what they are saying. You, yourself can also suggest ideas for the patient. State how you feel about the situation, but, if the patient doesn’t like it, just leave that particular idea alone or any more like it(Goldsmith).

Caring for anyone depends on the patient itself. Some may want you to help out with care. Or, others may want a doctor/physician to care for them. If the patient deals with a lot of pressure, the situation will end up harder on you and the patient. You could hurt a patient by not caring for them properly. Not caring for them can put them into a stage of anger.

Talk to your patient and try out different treatment plans. When this is done, you and the patient can have an idea in mind of what may be best.

Examples of Care: Radiation Therapy, Medical Treatment, Surgery, Doctor’s Appointment


Support Groups for Cancer Patients

By: Robert Collins

Breast Cancer how do we deal with it. Thank God for the support for Breast Cancer. The groups help women cope with their life threatening disease. If we didn’t have these women would kill themselves or think about or even be depressed. Then they wouldn’t be able to cope with it. If you think about it these therapy sessions save lives. Then also what if they can’t afford it. Well it depends on how bad their cancer was and if it left a traumatic effect. It also depends on what you do there. They have different methods like storytelling and personal expression. So one of the major effects is how bad the cancer was. It also affects how bad the depression. So in conclusion thank God for these therapies or we would lose a lot more women. And the world practically runs on women. Without women in today's society we need women or the world wouldn’t work.( Husebø, Anne Marie Lunde; Karlsen, Bjørg; Allan, Helen; Søreide, Jon Arne; Bru, Edvin.Journal of Clinical Nursing. Feb2015, Vol. 24 Issue 3/4, p500-510. 11p. 2 Charts. DOI: 10.1111/jocn.12633.)