Chloe Madi Kade Period 3

Independence Movements and Developments in Asia and Africa

After World War 2 ended, a lot of countries became free from other people having power over them. People wanted to be able to determine their own futures without other people having a lot of control over them, and they didn't want to put up with it anymore.

The Indian Subcontinent

People in India established a group in 1885 to push to gain rights while other people were controlling them. Protests began and a large group of people were killed by the British. A person named Mohandas Gandhi became a leader and pushed for rights without being mean and killing the people who took their rights. After they won their rights, India split and decided to be two countries with the Muslims now called Pakistan. Gandhi was killed and both nations were mean to each other and started hurting and killing each other because they didn't like the other group and their beliefs.
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African Independence Movements

African states began to work to gain their own freedom once World War II was over. South Africa didn't do too great because, while it had separated itself from British rule, it was still filled with inequality. White people were all above the native black people by law because white people are babies and think they have the right to everything while others don't. Saharan nations, on the other hand, did pretty well-- then they got caught up in fights with the Middle East. :))))

South of the Sahara things were a bit more difficult, as the land had nothing to work with and the people weren't educated enough to do the things needed to suddenly keep up with a society standing on its own feet.

Because of the way the colonies were organized, there were a lot of fights within the states. It doesn't help that the Europeans sucked and organized things to where people who were already there had to live together despite the fact that they kinda hated each other.

The nations gained their freedom in different ways from all out war to more peaceful talks. Nice.

Lots of the nations dealt with violence within themselves even if things were generally alright hoooooo boi..........

Much of Africa is actually pretty rich in crops and precious metals so it's pretty great. B)

Rwanda was one of the colonies with difficulties such as fights between social groups in the nation-- in this case, the killing of the Hutu people by the Tutsi people. So many people died. This is a bad thing.

SOUTH AFRICA'S SITUATION SUCKED IT WAS AWFUL. There was a major imbalance between white and black people BY LAW and this led to the deaths of many due to poor living conditions leading to protests. At first, the people tried to gain their rights in a peaceful way, but they soon turned to violence. This lasted for decades until the white people, under pressure from the entire world and the people in the nation, finally decided... hey... maybe we SHOULDN'T suck so bad.

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Splitting Up The Middle East

After World War I, most of the Middle East was taken under the control of The League of Nations, and then was divided by the British, the French and what Russia already had stayed.

The Mess of Israel

Throughout World War II, Jews either fled to Europe or went to Israel, "the promised land." The thoughts of whether Jews should have their own state in Palestine kept being pushed off as Muslims continuously called it their home. However, The Balfour Declaration of 1917 called for a new state in Palestine for Jews, while keeping all Palestinians in their rightful place. Jews quickly poured into Palestine in their respective lands, yet it still made Palestinians uneasy because of their large growing numbers.

A State to Call Their Own....Sorta

In 1948, the United Nations split Palestine into two Palestines, one for Jews and one for Muslims. After the Jewish Prime Minister declared Israel a state, attacks were organized by Muslim forces took place, and yet, the Jewish state surprised everyone with how quickly they countered them. Then Israelis took control over Palestine, and then Palestinians were homeless. This has led to fighting for decades, and fighting that is still going on today. The main battle is over the Israeli control of the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and the West Bank. Suicide bombings becoming popular, the Israeli Prime Minister building a wall to separate them, and more have led to the US trying to pave the "Roadmap to Peace." This included evacuating all Israeli's from the Gazs Strip, some being forcibly removed. As well as this, the governing authorities of Palestine were divided into two groups: Hama and Fatah. The US provides support to the Fatah, but considers Hamas a terrorist group, which tells of the violence that goes on between them. Another violence spot is the border of Lebanon and Syria, as Syria somehow has a hand in Lebanese politics.