Futures WAG 3.1.15


This Week:

I would like to try this:
Let's try all meetings starting at :15 past the hour. It seems to be the ideal time for teachers to debrief and get prepared. However, it will be an on time start exactly at 15 past the hour. .

So going forward, all pd, faculty, PBIS, ILT at :15 past .

Just added for this week : SSC meeting Wednesday , just after PD 3:30 (Heather, Mary, Charlotte, Colleen)

Parent Conferences: Begin setting up conferences for students of concern, at least 30% of your class, for next week minimum days.

Note: The Monday of conferences there is a faculty meeting and the Tuesday a PBIS meeting. Both of those will be 3:15-4:15 . So please schedule around those.

Report Cards: You can go all the way until Monday 3.9.15 at 12:00 to enter grades, but PLEASE tell Ida if you are done earlier.

PLC this week: Have your laptop and paper F and P / Running records and we will plan on entering all F and P into trackers. I would like K and 1 to meet in Shannon's room together and 2 and 3 in Leesa's room together.

Note: Colleen will be covering a first grade for at least this week. It is really important that if you know you will be absent that you please place the sub request early in case we have to split any classes, especially since she will be busy.

In 100% of staff absences this year , with a substitute being here or not, there was work for students and we had a protocol for addressing the vacancy .This included work packets or lesson plans being available . I really appreciate that! I know there is a burden when accepting students. However, we will do it for each other as needed.

The requests for substitute coverage that are placed placed in the late evening or early the morning of often do not get filled. Please keep this in mind. It is not required, but I do appreciate a text if you will be out or late It helps to prepare better. Here is my feeling on teachers taking days out: I would rather have you take a day to avoid being really sick if you need that. The attendance of our team has been good since I have been the principal and the communication around it has been great.


Monday, March 2

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

9:00am **Due to Ida Jonson today: Signed blue/black pen,full signature, same date as report Attendance Report

9:30am Biweekly Meeting Brian and David

10:00a**auditorium/music/Tanton &Emi

12:00pm Mr. Purcell Lunch w/ Superintendent 1000 Broadway. Then Tilden to bring remaining Scantrons. Return to Futures 2:15

12:05pm**auditorium/music/Ms. Harrell

1:00pm*auditorium/music/Mr. Gonzalez


Rachel, Brian, KC, Aimee, Shannon, Angel, Hank Transition Plan Meeting Portable C

Tuesday, March 3

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

9:00aMr. Purcell /Rachel/Plan in 214 session 1 of 2

10:00a Mr. Purcell Observe teachers

12:15pm Music in Class/Mrs. Duncan

12:45pm **auditorium/music/Ms. Nakamura

12:50pm Rachel, Lieba, Sub for Ms. Duncan, Emi, Shannon, Keya, meet in Shannon's room for PLC

1:45pm Mr. Purcell available office: discipline, operations etc.

1:50pm **auditorium/music/ Ms. Wegner

3:15p ILT meets in Leesa's Room

Wednesday, March 4

**Farmer Market On Campus: Classes welcome

Eye Vision Van is here : parent volunteer will pick up students

Minimum Day

8:55am"college/career ready count" to office 9AM

9:00am Ida Johnson :Monthly emergency radio testing

9:00am Rachel/Brian/ Plan in rm 214 session 2

10:00am Observe teachers

10:00am in class/music/ Ms. Patalano

11:45am **in class/music/ Ms. Williams

1:45pm Mr. Purcell available office: discipline, operations etc.

2:15pm Wednesday PD Math @ portable C : Bring Laptop

3:30 SSC meeting

Thursday, March 5

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

9:30am Office closed except emergencies : Weekly office meeting

10:00am **COST in 214

12:05pm **auditorium/music/ Ms. Aguilera

12:50pm Mary, Leesa, Charlotte, Mike, Rachel meet in PLC (Leesa's Room)

12:45pm **auditorium/music/ Ms. Porter

1:50pm **auditorium/music/ Kindergarten

After School : Mr Purcell summer School Meeting

Friday, March 6

End of 2nd Trimester. Have report grades entered by Monday at noon.

Kindergarten to Fairyland field trip


**Parent Cafe Portable A


Meet Mr. Purcell in Garden

8:55am "college/career ready count" to office 9AM

12:50pm Rachel, Janelle, Leah meet PLC in Leah's room


Mr. Purcell available office: discipline, operations etc.


Rachel, Heather, Jenny, meet PLC in Jenny's room