security window film installation

With security window film installation

Why Schools Should Install Security Window Film

When administrators are in search of ways to increase school security, window films are a compelling option. Not only do these films adhere to window glass, but they also provide a smooth, professional finish on both sides. Read on to learn about the benefits of Security Window Film for Schools.

Security Window Film: What Is It?

Security film is a nearly invisible sheet that holds glass panes together, protecting them from shattering, scratches, and other damage. In some instances, it’s bulletproof, which makes it a valuable protective tool in the classroom setting.

UV Protection and Comfort for the Ultimate Learning Experience

With security window film installation, it’s possible to let daylight into offices and classrooms while providing the cooling effects of solar reflection. As they’re protected from harmful UV rays, teachers, students, and staff will enjoy a bright atmosphere without excessive heat. Security window film also protects lab equipment, electronics, books, and other materials. Call today to find out how window film can protect the building and its contents.

Keeping Staff and Students Safe and Making Navigation Simpler

Room number and staff names can be added to tinted windows and doors, which makes it easier for safety personnel, staff, and students to find their way around the building. Security film is an adjustable and cost-effective alternative to glass etching. It reinforces both sides of glass panes, improving their safety, stability, and strength.

More Protection From Security Breaches

In schools all over the country, administrators are looking for ways to keep staff and students safe. Window films will keep classrooms private without obstructing the view from inside, which allows administrators and teachers to keep an eye on their surroundings. Mirrored and dark tints for ground-floor windows can be used instead of curtains, shades, blinds, and other window coverings.

Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

With security window film installation for schools, administrators will show their communities that their schools are conserving resources. Window films are a cost-effective way to reduce energy usage, as they can prevent approximately 85% of the sun’s heat from getting into the building. During cold winters, the film’s insulating properties will help buildings retain their interior heat.

Learn More Today by Phone or Online

Security window films provide schools with numerous benefits as shown above. From lower utility bills to increased safety, the advantages are significant. Visit the website or call Sundown Window Tinting to learn more about security window films.