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May 3, 2016

Summer lookbooks have arrived!

Did you know?
On average, for every 5-pack of look books you invests in, you see a return of approximately $300 in sales from that investment! And – the more you invest, the more of a return you see! What does this mean? That if you dedicate your time to getting look books in front of customers, you're almost guaranteed success!

Think of the possibilities of what could mean for building your business!

Order today and mark a bingo square off too.


$1500 incentive reached & 30% commission

Lisa Haas

Amanda Stringer

$50 jewelry credit earned

Christina Clark

cat tinnimit

Kristina Grosklags

Active Merchies

Jennifer hinkleykarnisky

Nicole Torres

Shannon Wilson

Katie Greder

Katie Thornton

Taera Bass

Hannah Perryman

Erika Fleming

Monique Pichardo

Cristina Caballero

Regina Turner

Terri Hayes

Nicole Schamaun

Alex White

Juliette Nichols

Quality not Quantity

It's not about putting a bunch of Pop Ups in your dashboard - it is about Quality Pop Ups! If you have 5 hostesses this month - then YES!!! Add those Pop Ups. BUT -let's say you are doing 3 different events (an online - an office lookbook push - and some drive bys) but these are all YOUR sales. DO NOT OPEN 3 POP UPS!!! Let's focus on getting ONE of your Self Hosted and your Hosted Pop Ups to 3 orders each - and hitting incentive before creating another Pop Up.

If for some reason you are going to lose a sale and you offer up a raffle code -FINE- open a Pop Up and get them to use that code. If they don't use it - delete the pop up - the pop ups with Zero Sales go into our Team Average - and we can easily get rid of these!!

So - my major focus this month is on Quality Pops!! Getting 3 orders minimum in your Pop Ups and helping you get your Hostesses and yourself INCENTIVES and CREDITS!!!

Let's commit to a #3orderchallenge

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I think that y'all had fun last month with our bingo board and I have more things to give away so let's do it again! Save this bingo board and start marking through completed items. Use a program like PicMonkey to mark them off. When you get something done post a pic or share the post etc. and use hashtag #Bingo. At the end of the month you will post your #finalmaybingo to our fb page but be sure to use the hashtag so I can find it!!
You can post in the MerchPerch or in our Facebook Team page where all the fun happens!!
(not on the Facebook Team Page??? Friend me and join the fun!)
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Summer Constant Calendar

School is almost out and schedules are really starting to fill up. Don't let your summer go stale by not booking pop ups in advance. Maintaining a constant calendar by booking at least 1 pop up from every pop up will help you be consistent and will also help you grow your business. If you really want to see your business flourish make it 2 pop-ups booked from every pop up.
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Merchandiser Incentives - May 2016

Hostess Incentives - May 2016

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