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The Ideal Person for Me!

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What I Look for in a Partner

I want my partner to be:







-Same Faith

-A girl around my age

"Love is being stupid together."

-- Paul Valery


  • The individual has to have the same faith as me.
  • The person may not be a fan of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • The person has to be willing to eat a lot of pasta ( I love pasta).
  • The individual has to be willing to watch some sci-fi shows.
  • They have to be willing to put up with some 80s rock ( it's a must have).
  • The person has to like to swim.
  • The individual has to have a mostly clean mouth (I can't stand a lot of cursing).
"Love is something that requires effort, honesty, devotion, and a little energy, and in no time it will have flourished into something amazing."

-- Me

My Ideal Date

On my ideal date, the we would go to some kind of event--like an athletic event, or a production of some kind. Then, if everything is going perfectly, we would go grab a bite to eat at a place like Panera Bread or Noodles & Company. All of this will hopefully go so well that we both agree that we have to go on a second date sometime soon. Another ideal date would be the two of us going to see Bon Jovi or some other artist in concert. Afterwards we would go grab dessert somewhere.
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