Meadow Creek Monday Message

February 1, 2016

Meadow Creek’s mission is to promote learning by challenging all to reach their potential

in a safe, nurturing environment by communicating, collaborating and congratulating!

Thank you!

Thank you for your help and support of the Apex Fun Run. It was a fun event and your support was greatly appreciated! Hopefully all of the pledges will come in and you will be able to get some fun, new things for your classroom!

Bill and I are looking forward to covering your grade level's lunch and recess duty. Please get with me to schedule a day so we can make sure it works for everyone's schedule!

For the extra grade level recess, please let me know when you will be taking that as well. I want to be sure we do not have more than one grade level outside in the same spot so I will be happy to choreograph that for you!

Congratulations to Mrs. Ortiz-Alers for winning the Apex Door Decorating contest with Mrs. Evans' door coming in second place. Honorable mentions go to Mrs. Martinak and Mrs. Lappa's doors!

Happy Counselor Appreciation Week!

Thank you to Mrs. Wolery-Blood for her care and concern for all of our students and for us!


Please be sure you are entering grades in a timely manner. Grades should be entered well before Progress Reports and Report Cards go home so that parents have a chance to help support their children.

You should have a minimum of 2 grades per week per subject.

Progress reports will go home on Monday, February 8. Be sure your grade are up to date and current before then.

Parent Survey

Thank you for reminding and encouraging your parents to complete the on-line parent survey. Each parent should have received an email with a direct link to the survey. If they did not, they can find it on the HEB Home page. We sent out paper copies but would love it if they could take just a minute to complete the new, streamlined survey on line before February 2.

Tomorrow is the last day so one more reminder won't hurt!

Thank you for your help with this!

Chapter 8: Imporve Your Pacing

Every Minute Matters

Time is a teacher's most precious resource: to be guarded and conserved. Every minute matters and yet in a variety of ways we risk letting minutes slip by. Say for example the last few minutes of the class. We say, "We don't have time to start anything new." or "You worked hard today, take these last few minutes to relax." Those minutes add up to hours of instruction throughout the year.

Instead, use Every Minute Matters and reward the students' hard work with a high energy review of all they have learned or with a challenge problem. Keep a series of short learning activities ready so you have something for a two minute opportunity... you can do this at the end of the class, on the way to the restroom, while they are lining up. Read aloud from a book, ask what a vocabulary word means, have them use it in a sentence, ask them a math fact. This strategy keeps students engaged and send the message that you think every minute matters.

From: Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov

Dolphin Choir presents Magic!

We will have two dress rehearsal performances for the Dolphin Choir performance "Magic!"

K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, will be at 1:45 on Wednesday, February 3. PK, 4th, 5th and 6th will be at 8:30 on Thursday, February 4.

Thank you to Mrs. Earnhart for all of her hard work!

All Pro Dads' Breakfast - Date change

Our All Pro Dads Breakfast has been rescheduled to Friday, February 12.

Please try to park in the side parking lot to save room for the Dads. We will also have the playground gate open for us to park to allow more space for the Dads in the parking lot. Thank you!

Upcoming Faculty Meetings

Please be sure you have the dates on your calendar!

February 4 - Patricia Demaree Part 2 on NCI Strategies

February 11 - Goal Team Reports and Chapter 5 Champions

February 18 - Testing Security Training

February 25 - Chapter 6 Champions

March 3 - Chapter 7 Champions

Transfer Window

The transfer window is now open for students wishing to attend a different HEB than their home school. The window is also now open to apply for our Spanish Immersion program that begins in first grade.

HEB employees who live outside the district and have their children attending an HEB school, must make contact with Liz Richard at 2032 during the transfer window to keep their children in HEB. Out of district employees must do this annually. The window for transfers is Janauray 4 through February 29.

If you would like to transfer to another campus as a teacher or assistant, you should have received an email from HR with the process, the form and the important dates this week.

PTA and the Meadow Creek Yearbook needs pictures!

If you have pictures form events or form things you have done in your classroom this year, PTA would love to use them in the yearbook. Please email any picture's you would like to share to

PTA will be asking you to look at the proof pages for your classroom in the next week or so. Please be sure to match pictures with names, correct spelling and to add anyone new to your class. Thank you for your help!


Be sure you have lesson plans completed for the week before Monday mornings. Lesson plans should be available and ready to go before each day starts. Lesson plans should be the road map to the learning you want your students to achieve that day and should list several key components of a good lesson, such as the skill, the purpose, the motivator or hook, what the guided or independent practice will be and what assessment is being used.

Please be at your door at 7:45 to greet your students. It is important that you are in your classroom at the start of each day.


February 1 - Ron Cooper

February 9 - Corina Resio

February 12 - Don Maurer

February 15 - Cathy Rodgers

Professional Development

February 9

6th grade ELA

K-5 Reading and Writing with Problem Solving

February 15

3rd grade Math

5th grade ELA

K-2 Science

February 16

5th grade Social Studies

4th grade Math

6th grade Science

February 17

Grade 4 ELA

Grade 6 Social Studies

5th grade Math

6th grade Math Pre AP and Regular

Be sure to complete the two state required training that are on HEB Learning on Date Rape and Suicide. These two hour long training need to be completed by April 1.

Important Dates

February 2 - 100th Day of School, Counselor Appreciation Week!

February 3 - Dolphin Choir dress rehearsal

February 4 - Dolphin Choir dress rehearsal and parent performance at 6:30 PM

February 5 - 6 Weeks' Luncheon - Souper Bowl!

February 8 - Progress Reports sent home

February 9 - 1st grade Valentine Day show for PK, K and 1 at 1:45 and parents at 6:30 PM

February 11 - Faculty Meeting

February 10 - CiCi's Spirit Night

February 12 - All Pro Dads' Breakfast. - New Date

February 12 - Valentine's Day Class Parties at 2:00

February 18 - Mad Science resumes

February 19 - Positive Proof

February 26 - Noon Dismissal MCE Work Day