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Sherburn Hungate Weekly News - Autumn Term - Issue 1

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A word from Mr Broom.

It's been a super first week of the term with our new staff and children settling in well and new routines being established. I'd like to thank everyone for their support so far with our new morning and lunchtime routines. They're not without issues and we'll work through these together for the benefit of all our children.

On Monday, during our staff training day, the team worked together to produce a wall mural that is now on display in the entrance to school. Do pop in and have a look. It really is spectacular.

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Meanwhile, the daily mile has got off to a flying start and our children are loving the extra activity. We're hoping that this, together with improved eating habits will have a very positive effect on our children. After all, that's what the research shows.

Next week is a busy one. We have our first visit from Donna Kettle, who is our new school improvement advisor, and our Y6 parent consultations with myself and Miss Mackay. On Friday, Martyn Sibley, our MAT CEO will also be visiting school to meet with the children.

Have a lovely weekend.

Football Club - Thursday from 3:10pm

Football Club starts for Y5 and Y6 children on Thursday from 1510 until 1600. All children welcome. For this club, children can wear any sportswear they choose as long as they wear shinpads. Myself and Mr Wooffindin will run the club.

TJ smashes School Dinners!

With the changes we've made to school lunches, one young man took the challenge to the extreme. TJ cleared his plate every day this week, trying loads of new foods for the first time. He chomped on carrots, peas, peppers and much much more despite telling Miss Horner that he didn't like any of the food choices in the morning. Before he left school today, he hold me he's going to go for five clean plates next week. I wonder if anyone can match him?
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School forms links with Stage Door Performance Arts

I am pleased to announce a new link between our school and Stage Door Performance Arts which will provide our children with many opportunities in this field. The company will be using our school hall on Saturdays in return for specialist teaching in performance arts for our children in school. If your child is keen on drama and acting, Stage Door provide a wonderful start to pursuing this avenue.
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Home/School Agreement

Since the introduction of the new General Data Protection Act 2018, we can no longer accept a null response as acceptance that someone is happy to be included in decisions. Statements such as 'if you do not complete this form by x date, we will assume you are happy' can no longer be used.

For this reason, we're asking all parents to complete the Home/School Agreement form found at the link below. The Agreement includes permissions for technology use and local visits to name a few. Please complete it as soon as possible. Our admin team will continue to send the Agreement to you until we receive a response.

Thank you for your support with this.

Home/School Agreement

Please complete as soon as possible.

Midday Supervisory Assistant Required

We are currently looking to employ a Midday Supervisory Assistant. If you are interested in this very rewarding role, please click the link below:

Start of Day Routines

I wrote to you earlier this year to explain why we needed to change the start times of school and we begin implementing these changes on Tuesday morning.

School starts at 0840.

Children will line up on the playground with the adult leading their class. This will be the same place that they line up at breaks and lunchtimes so things should settle down quite quickly after the first couple of days.

You can help us by saying goodbye to children by the time they line up.

End of the School Day

The end of the school day is as follows:

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 children end the day at 1505.

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 children end the day at 1510.

Lunchtime Routines

One of our key development priorities this year is health and wellbeing. To support this, we've looked at the way we deliver school meals and i've met with the kitchen staff and representatives from NYCC to discuss the meals on offer.

At the beginning of the school day, children having school meals will be given three meal choices. A hot meal, a jacket potato meal and a sandwich choice. Each meal choice will provide a balanced lunch and will be a set choice. This means that there is likely to be foods on your child's plate that they are unfamiliar with and we will be actively encouraging children to try new things. Your support with this is really important. Thank you.

School Meals Menu

Our new school meals menu is now available on ParentPay and on the school website. Here's the link:

The Daily Mile & PE

Starting next week, everyone in school (children & staff) will take part in the daily mile. This is a 15 minute period of non-stop exercise that takes place every day. Mr Wooffindin will be leading on this for many year groups. It won't be just running. Activities will include skipping, dancing, climbing, etc.

While the children and staff won't be getting changed for the daily mile, we aim to include as much PE as we possibly can do. For this reason, we'd like children to bring a PE kit to school on a Monday and leave it at school until Friday. This means that PE can then happen to fit around the creative curriculum we have planned.

Breaktime Snack Trolley

We will continue to offer a range of healthy snacks at break times for a small fee. If your children wishes to bring their own healthy snack, we are more than happy for them to do so. For clarification, sweets and chocolate don't count as healthy snacks and shouldn't be brought to school.

Correct Uniform & PE Kit

The start of the new academic year is a great time to remind everyone of the importance of your child wearing the correct uniform to school. In summary, this means:

  • Black shoes

  • Black/Grey Trousers/Skirts or Red & White Check Dresses

  • White shirt (a smart one with a crisp collar is wise for Year 6 children as they will be wearing a tie)

  • Red jumper/cardigan

It's also important that children wear the correct PE kit too. This means that football club shirts aren't part of their PE sportswear.

If we aim to be smart, we need to look smart and it's something we're really good at on the whole at Sherburn Hungate. Thank you again for your support with this.

Mobiles on Site

Our teachers have planned exciting lessons for all our children and when they leave school, we're confident that they will want to share their day with you. Conversation is really important to your child's development and for this reason, we're asking that you refrain from using your phone on the school site at drop off and pick up times. If you'd like further information on this, click here:

and here

GDPR Data Protection Information

Our school takes Data Protection very seriously and complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018. For further information please visit: