Greek Mythology

Alexander the great

How he is important

Alexander was a great leader because a lot of his battles him and his army won. He help Greece grow to its size today. Alexanders lands he conquered lands influence of artist from those lands.

How did it contribute to society

Alexander’s conquests spread Greek ideas, architecture, and culture throughout the lands he conquered in Asia In turn, ideas and cultures from Asia influenced Greece.

6 facts about Alexander

*Alexander died from a mosquito caring a deadly disease and bit Alexander and killed him.

*Alexander became king at 20 years old.

*In 334 BCE, Alexander began his conquest of the Persians before long, his troops faced

the Persian army at the Granicus River.

*In 331 BCE, Alexander was welcomed to Egypt as a liberator who rescued the Egyptians from Persian control.

*Alexander was trying to make a government in Greece but it turned out to fail.

*Alexander got the name great for being a great leader in battle