3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter

3rd Grade Is Wild About Learning! 5.23.14

Important Dates:

-May 26th- No school Memorial Day Holiday

-May 27th- End of Year Celebration @ 9:15

-May 30th- Baker's Best Assembly @ 8:15

-June 3rd- End of Year Party @ 10:30-11:30

-June 3rd- Last Day of School and EARLY DISMISSAL @ 12:00

-June 4th- PISD Rough Riders "Make-Up" Night @ 7:05

Wild About Learning!

Next Week In:

Math- We will solve and record multiplication problems (up to two digits times one digit) in a variety of ways.

Science- In Science, we will explore inherited traits and learned behavior.

Reading- Next week reading and writing lessons will be combined. Students will read Around One Cactus by Anthony Fredericks. As an extension to this amazing book students will be completing a web-quest. This cooperative learning project will have students completing research, writing, and using math skills to research a variety of habitats including facts about plants and animals in each habitat….. Be sure to ask your child what what habitat they are researching.

Language Arts- Students will be working to complete some fun "End of Year" activities including a letter to next year's third graders and some tips for "surviving" 3rd grade, specifically in that teacher's classroom.

*We will be alternating Science and Social Studies every other week.