The birthstone of March!!

Come along and join the fun facts of Aquamarine

1;The word ‘aquamarine’ is derived from the Latin words ‘aqua’ which means water and ‘marina’ which means sea. It was named so because it reflected the color of the sea water – sea blue, pale blue, sky blue, sea green, etc.

2;The aquamarine is used to treat fear, reverse poisoning, and other diseases of the body.

3;Sailors used to wear aquamarine stones to protect themselves in their difficult ocean voyages.

4;Aquamarine is believed to keep the wearer healthy and free of diseases.

5;It is also believed that the aquamarine can re-ignite love and passion in someone’s troubled married life.

Importamt Facts!

-Aquamarine was formed in the mantle of the earth.

-Earths layers affected Aquamarines process of being formed by pre-cooling to a crystal.

-Aquamarines environment was violent geologic conditions.

-Much of the rock cycle includes processes which operate deep within earths interior the details of which fall well beyond the purview of this course.

-Aquamarine is found in mines mostly above sea level.


Beryl can be many things including Aquamarine