Middle School Tech News

May 2015 Newsletter

Google Slides


If you like using Power Point presentations in class, you will love using Google Slides.

It's easy, it's free, and most of our students already know how to use it!

Google slides can be created from any computer through Google Drive. The presentations can be shared, edited, and saved easily and quickly.

Click on the link to learn more about Google slides and other Google forms.

Study Ladder


Are you looking for on-line practice for students?

Would you like to supplement your lessons with on-line activities?

Study ladder has lessons for math, literacy, art, science, health, citizenship, safety, language, and culture, There are also whiteboard activities and printable resources.

Sign up for a study ladder account. It's free, and it is so easy for you and your students to use.



Looking for a specific type of lesson for your students using technology?

Pinterest is LOADED with ideas posted by other educators. Take advantage of this vast network of resources.



Back to school lessons for next year!

STEM lessons and resources

Math: Starters of the day


Click on the calendar day for a new "starter."