Who Am I As a Leader?

By: Anya D'Silva

Leaders must have many qualities, but I think the main thing that defines a leader is their followers.

The Kind of Leader I am

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Participative (democratic) Leader

I am I democratic leader. This means that I am the balance between Autocratic and Delegative Leaders. I believe that followers deserve to have a say in decisions, but they shouldn't be able to do whatever they want. With out a leader, there are no rules, and rules are the foundation of a society.

Effect on Personality Type from Leadership Style and Vice Versa

My personality type relies mostly on my feelings and emotions. This means that when I am being a leader, I am usually relying on my feelings. When I make decisions, I don't just think about how they may affect me, but also what effect they will have on others as well.

Since I am a democratic leader, I think of leaders and followers as part of a team. Teamwork is very important between leaders and followers but it is also important to go with your gut. Wanting to work together with others helps shape my personality type because you have to think about other people and what they want.

Growing as a Leader

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