Meet Mrs. Shamblin

Hello and welcome!! A little about me.

This is an exciting time for your students! Although they will be with me for a short time, I assure you I am an excellent teacher! I earned my Bachelor's degree in 2000 and my Master's degree in 2006, both from the University of Texas-Pan American. I taught for 10 years in Texas and have three years experience in Indiana as a teacher, paraprofessional and substitute. I have also worked in retail and in a warehouse. I have three daughters, Victoria; 15, Catherine; 12 and Diana; 8 from a previous marriage. I moved back to Indiana in 2010 and got acquainted with my current husband Matt. He has a daughter Tiffany; 22 and a son Hunter; 14.

Recent visit to Mrs. Emerick's Classroom

During the recent visit to Mrs. Emerick's classroom the students wrote a letter to me and decided to answer the questions the children had for me.

1. Do you live in a forest? I don't live in a forest, but have a lot of trees in my area.

2. What is your favorite color? I like all colors, but my favorite is green!

3. Do you have a pet? Yes! I have a cat named Sunday and three dogs: Casey, Mimi, and Jack.

4. What is your favorite book? I like the book series Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson books....but my favorite book is called "But No Elephants"

5. Do you like to draw pictures? Yes. I enjoy drawing.

6. Do you like Math? Yes. I like counting and solving problems.

7. What is new in my life? Meeting all my friends in Mrs. Emerick's class!

8. Where do you live? I live in Auburn.

Some things the students found out was I enjoy quilting and have tried (with less success) to learn crocheting.

My pictures

Full Circle

Below is an excellent piece of music written by former Ghost Hunter Grant Wilson. He is an amazing artist and has many more piano pieces on SoundCloud.


Full Circle by grantwilsonpiano