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Bath Public School

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On behalf of the entire staff, WELCOME BACK to all of our students and families and a warm welcome to those who are new to our school community! We look forward to working closely with you to ensure all students have a successful and rewarding year at Bath Public School.

Positive partnerships between home and school are key to ensuring student success, therefore, we will communicate regularly with you through Monthly Updates, Twitter, our web site and various classroom communication tools such as notes, the individual classroom and whole school School Messenger app, School day and newsletters. We encourage you to contact your child's teacher or the front office staff at any time should you have questions or concerns.

Our dedicated staff have been hard at work this summer cleaning, setting up classrooms, organizing resources and preparing challenging learning opportunities. Due to an increase in our student population, we have re-organized our school with 12 classrooms. We bid a fond farewell to Mme Dowling, Mlle Martin and Mr Zahrabelny. New staff have joined us also: Mr Morris, Ms. Little and Ms. Robinson. All students and staff are now settled into their new placements and our learning journey continues.

Families have been receiving a lot of important information from the school. Please be sure to check your child's backpack, as well as your email or SMS messaging, as some of the items will require immediate attention. To be sure to get important information in a timely manner, be sure you are signed up for School Messenger (see information below) and that your contact information is correct with our school office administrator.

A couple of reminders:

  • Students MUST bring a refillable water bottle to school each day - our fountains remain closed however students may refill a container at the water filling station.
  • Please send you child with clean indoor shoes to wear in the school
  • We plan to go outdoors for recess & outdoor learning in all types of weather...including when it is lightly raining! Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather. Sending extra clothing in case of spills, bathroom accidents or wet weather would be appreciated.

Again, we are thrilled to be back for an exciting year of learning and growing at Bath Public School and we thank you for your continued support.

Yours in Education,

Jennifer Osborne, Principal

Mistene Clapp, Vice Principal/SST

Please Join us! Open House ~ October 6 ~ We Can't Wait to Meet You!

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Meet our 2022-2023 School Staff

JK/SK - Mrs. Lockwood and Mrs. Viau

JK/SK - Mrs. Kingston and Mrs. Schembri

Grade 1 - Mrs. Hogle

Grade 1/2 - Mrs. Bauml

Grade 2 - Mrs. McGrath

Grade 3 - Mrs. Hay

Grade 3/4 - Mrs. Da Costa

Grade 4/5 - Ms. Little

Grade 5/6 - Mrs. Sparrow

Grade 6/7 - Mr. Nickel

Grade 7 - Mrs. Morrisey

Grade 7/8 - Mr. Kyte

Planning Support - Ms. Robinson

Planning Support - Mrs. McMurter

French - M. Morris

French - TBD

Student Support Teacher - Mrs. Clapp

Educational Assistant - Mrs. Cahoon

Educational Assistant - Ms. McGregor

Educational Assistant - Ms. Valin

Educational Assistant - Mrs. Van Hooser

Educational Assistant - Mrs. Gambicourt

Yard Supervisor - Mrs. Reid

School to Community Teacher: Mr. Aylsworth

Student Support Counsellor: Tracey Maracle-York

Office Administrator - Mrs. MacDonald

Day Custodian - Jeff Latimer

Night Custodian - Jordan Lockerbie

Vice Principal - Mrs. Clapp

Principal - Mrs. Osborne

Bath Public School Schedule

8:55 - 9:10 Supervision on the schoolyard

9:10 School Starts

9:10 – 10:50 Learning Block

10:50 -11:10 1st Nutrition Break

11:10 -11:30 1st Recess

11:30 - 1:10 Learning Block

1:10 - 1:30 2nd Nutrition Break

1:30 - 1:50 2nd Recess

1:50 - 3:30 Learning Block

3:30 Dismissal

Getting School News and Important Messages

Our school will continue to use School Messenger to communicate need-to-know information to families in a timely and efficient way.

The “Communicate” system allows us to share important school information with families via text, email or phone message. We will use this tool for urgent items like event cancellations or school emergencies. We may also use it for sharing information such as upcoming progress reports, school council meetings, weekly updates or special events.

Registered parents/guardians will receive these messages through contact information collected in our student information system. Parents/guardians may choose how to receive these alerts by text message, email or phone call with the exception of emergency events which will always be communicated via all contact methods on file with the school. If parents/guardians choose to receive text messages, they must opt-in due to potential charges from their cell phone carrier.

It is important that parents/guardians ensure schools have the most up-to-date contact information at the beginning of the school year. If your contact information changes during the school year, parents/guardians are asked to contact the school with the updated information.

In addition, teachers and coaches/leaders of extra-curricular activities will also be able to take advantage of an instant message option to keep students and families up to date regarding classroom activities or practices/games in a timely manner. Students and parents/guardians will be invited to join a group and receive messages related specifically to their group. Information on how to join groups will be shared directly with students and families by the teacher, coach/leader.

School Messenger App Account

All of our new electronic communications tools can be accessed anytime, anywhere online and/or via Smartphones. To take advantage of this new convenience and functionality, we encourage you to create a School Messenger account on your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or download the School Messenger app. While an account is not required to use these new tools, it will allow you to review your contact information and communication preferences, and it stores all of your messages in one place. Please watch the video below for more details.

LDSB SchoolMessenger App Tutorial: How to Sign Up & Log In

Bussing Delays and Cancellations

As the weather gets colder, please be aware that buses may be delayed or cancelled. Families should ensure they are signed up to receive direct notifications, either by email, or Tri-Board’s app. Delays and cancellations are also posted to Tri-Board’s Twitter account. Please have a back-up plan and transportation home if your child's bus is cancelled! A reminder that supervision of students is not available until 8:55 am. Please do not drop off your child at school before that time.

· Subscribe by email to specific bus routes

· Instructions on how to download the BusPlanner Delays App

· Follow TriBoard on Twitter

Arrival & Dismissal Safety

Please call the school's attendance line (1-855-257-9349) if your child is going to be late or absent. Our attendance system is automated and will call you if we do not know the reason for your child's absence or late arrival. You can also report an absence using the SchoolMessenger app.

The parking lots and bus zones at Bath Public are very busy in the mornings for drop off and at the end of the day for dismissal! To make it as safe as possible for everyone, please follow these guidelines:

  • Park only in designated spots. *No parking or stopping in the bus lane at the south side of the school* Please do not drive into the playground area.
  • Do not drop your child off before 8:55 am as there is no supervision until that time.
  • Wait for your child at the front entrance of the school at the end of the day.
  • Dismissal is at 3:30 and students will be dismissed at this time. *If end of day bus or pick up plans change, please make sure to let the office know as early as possible in order to make sure there is time to notify your child and staff*
  • If your child is registered to ride a bus we ask that you not drive them to and from school on a regular basis as this will help limit the amount of car traffic and congestion at the busiest times of the day.

Thank you for your assistance!

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We welcome visitors to our school! In order to ensure the safety of our students, all visitors are required to sign in at the office before travelling through the school during the instructional day.

If you wish to speak to staff members, please remember that during the school day we are focused on creating the best learning opportunities for all of our students and we do our best to keep interruptions to a minimum. We ask you to please call ahead to arrange a meeting or set a time that's best to connect on the phone.

If you are in the school at the end of the day for pick up, please wait at the office for your child. Our youngest students will be handed off to parents by staff while bus students are dismissed through their appropriate doors.

Students leaving school before the end of the day will need to be signed out by an adult at the front office. We encourage families to avoid unnecessary early pick ups in order to minimize disruptions to teaching and learning.

Thank you for helping to protect our teaching/learning time and ensuring we can focus on safe dismissal at the end of the day!
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Allergy ALERT

Please be aware that we have staff and students who have allergies to foods as well as environmental allergies. Some of these allergies are life-threatening. With this in mind, we ask that all staff, students and visitors refrain from sending/bringing items to school that contain or have come in contact with peanuts and other nuts. As well, some classrooms have specific food restrictions in order to keep all students safe. Please check with your child's teacher about any classroom restrictions.

Medical Forms

If your child requires special care for a medical condition or takes medication while at school, please notify the school's office so that the appropriate arrangements and paperwork can be completed or updated. Please check the expiry dates on all medications (ie. Epipens, Inhalers) to ensure they are current.

Students can not carry medication in their backpack on the bus. This must be dropped off at the main office by an adult. Thank you for helping us with this safety precaution.

Information Packages

Information has been sent home with each student. The following items in particular deserve special mention:


Please review and update carefully all four pages of the printed information on your child’s Data Verification Form, and return it as soon as possible. We cannot stress enough that the information on this form is essential for us at the school to respond properly to emergency situations. If your child takes medication at school or has a medical condition that we need to be aware of, please note it in the “Medical” section. If any information changes over the course of the year (address, phone number....anything), please be sure to notify us promptly so that if an emergency should occur, we can respond with accurate, up-to-date information.


Some parents/guardians may have Dental/Health insurance coverage through their employer, but many of these plans are limited in one way or another. The Limestone District School Board makes available, without any gain for itself, a Student Accident Protection Program. Various plans are available, but the Basic is around $17.00 per year. A recent claim under the $8.00 plan was the result of a child sliding down a snowbank on the way to school. Immediate dental treatment was $2,980 and future dental costs could reach $4,600. Information is contained in the Student Accident Insurance envelope in this package. The Limestone District School Board policy requires insurance coverage for every student who is on a sports team in any school under the Board’s jurisdiction.

3. School Day Secure Key Card match sign up

Information sheets were sent home with families who are new to our school or have not yet registered for School Day, an online payment system. If you have not received this information, please contact our main office administrator.

School Newsletters Are Paperless

In an effort to control the amount of paper that goes home, we will continue to offer our school newsletters via email through the school Messenger system.

The newsletter link will also be posted on our school website Email addresses will be updated once we receive all data verification forms. If receiving newsletters by email is not an option for you, please contact the school to request paper copies.

Annual Terry Fox Run/Walk

On October 7, staff and students will be taking part in the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.

We are honored to support and continue the legacy of Terry Fox! We are proud of this amazing tradition at our school and are looking forward to learning more about Terry Fox through various classroom activities and raising funds for cancer research. Through our participation, we hope to encourage leadership in our students and create positive agents of change in our wonderful school community.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. To donate, you can visit and follow the follow the prompts.

We are very excited to be a part of this year’s Terry Fox Walk/Run. This is our opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from cancer. We hope you will join us as our Bath PS school community bands together in the fight against cancer.

Thank you in advance for your support!

School Advisory Council (SAC)

It's that time of year! Our first School Advisory Council meeting and elections for Executive Positions is coming up very soon! The first SAC Meeting of the 2022-23 school year is on Wednesday, October 5th at 6:30 pm.

We warmly welcome all parents to be a part of any and every council meeting, whether you are an elected member or a parent who would just like to listen in and hear more about what is going on at Bath PS. Meetings usually include an administrator's sharing component, reports from members in particular positions (treasurer, chairs etc) and some discussion items. We will meet in our school library and babysitting for school age children will be available.

At our first meeting we will take nominations for executive positions. Please use the link Here to submit nominations. Nominations are anonymous and you can nominate yourself or someone else for a position. The person you nominate must be available to be present at the meeting. Your nomination does not count as a vote; you must be present to vote. Nominations are due by 4:00pm on Tuesday, October 4th.

Below are a description of the responsibilities and duties of each executive position:

CHAIR/CO CHAIR- chief administrators of SAC- creates meeting agendas, liaisons between parents, school, administration and staff. Coordinates and supports volunteers, publishes newsletters, chairs Council meetings, keeps in touch with all coordinators. If Co-Chairs are elected than the two parties will share the duties.

TREASURER - duties include handling all Council money, produces financial statements/reports and presents these at monthly meetings.

SECRETARY - duties include attendance at Council meetings, recording minutes at monthly meetings and distribution to appropriate parties, maintains records as necessary.

And while we don't vote on the following position, MEMBERS AT LARGE play a very important role. Every parent/guardian is welcome to attend any and all Council Meetings throughout the year!

MEMBERS AT LARGE - along with the executive, SAC relies on the parent community to come to meetings and have a say in issues that affect our students. There is no need to nominated these members. We need parent representation to vote on how our fundraising efforts are allocated and to volunteer at various events and initiatives throughout the school year. Everyone is welcome!

School Hot lunch/Milk Program

Milk orders and Hot Lunch orders will soon be sent out to families via a School Day email. Signing up through this online portal will allow your child to receive these orders. Please ensure you check your inbox as well as your "junk" or "other" areas so that you do not miss the opportunity to order. The Hot Lunch and Milk Orders will begin in the week of October 17.

How Can I Ensure our family is receiving School Day emails?

  • Sign up with your child's unique secure key code at
  • Within School Day, go to settings (gear icon) and ensure that you have your preferences set to receive email notifications. Without this setting turned on, you will have to
  • You can also often set a "rule" within your email account/platform (Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to have emails from School Day go directly to your inbox, i.e. "this is not junk".

Taking these steps is important so that emails come to your attention and you don't miss permission forms and product items available for purchase.

Coming up

  • Sept. 26 P.A. Day ( No School for students)
  • Sept. 30 Orange Shirt Day, National Day of Truth and Reconciliation
  • Oct. 5 School Advisory Council meeting and elections
  • Oct. 6 School Open House
  • Oct. 7 Terry Fox Walk/Run
  • Oct. 10 Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Oct. 11 School Picture Day

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