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What Makes You Like Your Games and Console?

Who's this guy?

Wassup my name is Charles Scott. I'm 16 and a Sophomore I'm a gamer born and raised. I've played video games since 2005 and my first console was a Nintendo Gamecube. I mostly played Nintendo consoles but then I broadened my mind to others. So I have all three and I play them all. But I had a thought "Why do some people prefer some consoles?" Is it the games, the quality of the visuals, or some other obscure thing? I don't know but I'm going to figure out why and "Insert Name Here", yes you are coming along.

What I hope to Learn

I hope to see why people prefer their specific choices in gaming? What Genre seems to be the most popular to the gamer society? Does that Genre of game actually hook more people in because of it? Which is the best globally?

My Essential Question

My Question Is: Why do you pick a specific console and why? I choose this specific topic because of this one reason. When you ask someone about "What's their favorite home console?" For most people it's "Xbox One," or"PS4," and least of all "Wii U". But from the answers I've acquired really didn't satisfy me. I then asked why they liked it and double edged sword like " Xbox or PS4 has better variety" and that's not cutting it for me.

Explanation Of Topic

I already know that most people choose the two most arguable consoles out there Xbox or Playstation. Because of the hype they pass along with them. And I hope to learn why people really enjoy these consoles (and why people hate the WiiU) because just saying "It's games are fun" does not strike up a good conversation or argument. And by the end I hope to have a proper answer.

My Progress #1:

When Thinking of the question I needed reasoning on why people like their consoles. So then I thought "Do they like the controls? Or maybe they were raised with the previous iteration of that specific console. So I needed local reasons on why people like that specific console and made a quiz out of it.
What's your Gamer Type?

What's do prefer in a game?

Home Consoles

Score for quiz March 5, 2016

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My Progress #1.5 & #2:

After looking at the results of my test I came across many different reasons why people like their console. whether it be "I like the feel of the controller in my hand," or " That game only came out for that console." with also a large number of people that are more PlayStation than Xbox (Leaving Nintendo in the dust). And so then I had a hypothesis I had thought of "If people like that specific console. Then how many people bought that console?" and went researching there.

Console Sales Global Average February 2016:

  • PS4: 304,133
  • Wii U: 40,015
  • Xbox One: 108,750
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What I learned:

I've learned a two things. Nintendo doesn't really make a lot in any region, PlayStation is the king of the hill sales wise. But with that it just depends on what you want in a game console. On the go or at home, Sony or Microsoft, etc.

Where Will I go From Here?

I hope to see what will happen with These companies next big console ideas and go from there. whether they'll improve or plummet, or just the games that come out. I'll be looking forward to what they'll come up with next.