Holifield Happenings

March 5, 2015

Upcoming Events

Mar. 9 (Mon) - MAP testing - Math (10:00)

Mar. 10 (Tues) - Road to the Revolution test

Mar. 12 (Thurs) - SS Notebook due; Early Release

Mar. 16 (Mon) - Student and Teacher Holiday :-)

Mar. 17 (Tues) - Beta Club (7:15)

Mar. 18 (Wed) - MAP testing - Reading (10:00)

Mar. 20 (Fri) - MIddleton Place money and forms due; Bingo and Baskets Night

Mar. 24 (Tues) - PTO Spirit Night @ Wild Wings

Mar. 26 - PBIS Cookout (40 Hands)

Mar. 27 (Fri) - STEMs Day

Mar. 30 (Mon) - Apr. 6 (Mon) - Spring Break

Apr. 10 (Fri) - Middleton Place field study

Life Skill of the Month

In March, I will be looking for students that display Perseverence throughout the week. One student will be chosen each week. In addition to a certificate, that child will be entered into a drawing to earn a slushy from the cafeteria. They will also earn the right to wear the Hero cape from our classroom around the school for the next week.

Next week's emphasis is Do Your Best (effort). As I have conferenced with your children this week, this has been my mantra. All I can ask of them is to do their best...not looking for perfection. As long as they can walk away from any task knowing that they have done their best, they should hold their head high!! :-)

Bingo and Baskets

Okay! We are close to crunch time! I spoke with Mrs. Reeves, and we decided that a South Carolina themed basket would be good. As I mentioned last week, we really want to produce a basket that will sell for a good price! :-)

Mrs. Reeves has a parent that does embroidery, and she plans to ask her for a contribution that has the Palmetto tree on it in some way. If you have other items that you can think of, that you make, or that you have a contact for a donation, please let me know soon. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Don't forget: Middleton Place forms and money are due March 20th.

Reading - Book Clubs

As your child's book club finishes the book, they will be have a few reflective assignments to complete. They should still read a good fit, quality book for 20 minutes each night. Some books are finished or close to finishing. Others are a little further from finishing. All of that is okay. As long as their club is setting reasonable reading assignments each day, I am happy.

When we finish this round of book clubs, the children will get to choose another book from the list we had before this round began.

Science and Social Studies

I am including the schedule for our remaining Science and Social Studies units again this week. Remember, this is a faster pace than what they are used to, but it will be enough time to cover the material. The notebooks will be due 2 days after the test on each unit. Please encourage your child to use their morning work time wisely to prevent having to work on notebook assignments at home. We are sprinting to the finish line, and we will finish strong!!

  • Road to the Revolution unit begins Monday, March 2
  • Road to the Revolution Test Tuesday, March 10
  • Revolutionary War unit begins Wednesday, March 11
  • Revolutionary War Test Friday, March 20
  • Light unit begins Friday, March 20
  • Light Test Thursday, March 26
  • Government unit begins Tuesday, April 7
  • Government Test Wednesday, April 15
  • Westward Expansion unit begins Wednesday, April 17
  • Westward Expansion Test Friday, April 24
  • Civil War Unit begins (final exam after SC PASS testing on May 7th/8th) Monday, April 27
  • Organisms and Environments unit begins (final exam after SC PASS testing on May 7th/8th) Monday, April 27