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...where READING is our SUPERPOWER! :)

Off to the Races!

Another year is here! WHOO-HOO!!! We've got lots of new things that will be going on in the library this year. One of these is our new digital newsletter! Please be sure you read over this newsletter for important information! :)

Help! :)

We are taking donations of Kleenex for the surplus of runny noses that occupy the library. We also need Clorox wipes and Germ-X for those icky germs that make the library their home. I can't buy this stuff fast enough! So, if you could donate one or more of these items from your classroom surplus, we'd appreciate it! Don't go out and buy this stuff... I'm only asking for your extras. :)


DISCUS has released a new resource that you may be interested in. It's called BrainPop Jr. Many of you may be familiar with BrainPop. Now that it is connected to DISCUS, it is free! :)


Do not forget that saving to your desktop is not saving to your H:/ Drive! If you have something saved on your desktop and your computer has to be re-imaged, it will not be saved.

Technology Issues

Thanks for your patience as we work through our technology issues. IT has a new plan of action for technology issues; so, here it is.

- If you have an issue, contact me. At my first available open period, I'll come and assess the issue. I'm checking primarily for 3 things : Are the cables connected correctly? Is the machine connected to the server? Is everything receiving power? Pretty much anything more than this, IT will be responsible for.

- If the issue is something I cannot fix, I will submit a technology ticket to IT. Chris Carter has been assigned to the Cheraw area. He will be checking in at our school 2 days a week to handle these problems.

- Do not contact IT directly. Emergencies, as classified as IT, will be addressed immediately.

YouTube Videos

Many of you have asked about using YouTube videos in the classroom. YouTube is now set up to have a "clean video search" which should allow you to access only videos that would be appropriate for your classroom. Also, as you know, TeacherTube is an option. There are many videos available through this sister site.

We've Been "QR"ed!

Our school now has a QR code! Scan the code with your smart phone and find the latest and greatest at CPS!

Help me keep our page updated by sending me cool things going on in your classrooms!

Book Fair

We will have our first book fair in November. This will be a Scholastic Fair. We will get you some more information closer to the fair start date.

Book Fair Webpage


Look for our next issue of Library News...where Reading is our SuperPower for some other fun happenings!

Feel free to leave some comments! :) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.