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Our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Committee meets monthly and is integral in implementing our behavior management program at school.

What is PBIS?
The goal for this plan is to help students become successful by instilling a positive attitude regarding behavior and academics. PBIS is based on learning rather than punishment. Students are expected to be responsible for their own actions in spite of the actions of others.

How Does It Work?
PBIS is a three-tiered systems approach for establishing a positive learning
culture and individualized behavior supports needed for schools to be effective
learning environments for all students. The behavior expectations are taught,
modeled, acknowledged, monitored, and then retaught as necessary. The goal is to
provide practice and reinforcement at the Universal level for ALL students so that
fewer students need intervention at the Tier 2 level where a more individualized
plan with intensive individual interventions is used. A continuous analysis of data,
the systems, and the outcomes guides all decision making.

What Does This Look Like For FRES Students?
If a student has repeated offenses in the classroom or becomes a distraction for others, he/she is given a broken pillar form to be filled out with the staff person on duty to help with the forms. The 'pillars' are based on the Character Counts Pillars. (For more information on the pillars, visit our Character Counts page)

There are consequences for broken pillars. These are monitored on a monthly basis through data collection. The following is a list of our consequences per month:
1st and 2nd Offenses - Fill out a Broken Pillar Form
3rd and 4th Offenses - Fill out a Broken Pillar Form and recess detention
5th and 6th Offenses - Fill out a Broken Pillar Form and lunch detention
7th and 8th Offenses - Fill out a Broken Pillar Form and after school detention
If a student reaches 8 offenses in a month then the student's parents are called in for a conference where an individualized intervention plan is developed.

*The consequence cycle begins new every month.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact Mrs. Jeanette Hess, Guidance Counselor or Mrs. Cary Schulte, the PBIS committee chairperson.