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January 16, 2015

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!


On Monday, January 19 our STaRT Education Helping Teachers will be setting out on their Cross-District, Elementary Training Rally! Much preparation has gone into this, the last leg of MyEducation BC Training. Elementary teachers will be learning a number of useful skills including: preparing report cards and navigating their new MyEdBC dashboard.

You can find the latest Elementary School Training information on AbbyConnect at Once you are there, be sure to click the "Follow" button so you will be kept up-to-date!


  • Elementary Clericals have completed MyEdBC Essential Skills Training.
  • All Elementary schools have confirmed their training dates.
  • All Elementary Teachers have accounts ready in MyEdBC.

Featured Video: Logging into MyEducationBC for the First Time

Logging into MyEducationBC for the First Time

MyEdBC Tips

For Middle and Elementary Office Attendance:

Check that you are using the "TWICE-DAILY" attendance field set.

Middle School Update

The Term Comment Box has been activated for Middle Schools. Term Comment box activated for Middle Schools

We are happy to say that middle schools will now use the actual term comments box for their term comments. This means that teachers will no longer select the XAT subject to do term comments. Instead they will select XTC (Term Comments). This places the comment in the actual term comments box on the report card. This comment box will be the last thing on the report card.

What to do:
  1. When doing term 2 reports, select the XTC code in the course dropdown when in the grade

    input screen.

  2. Enter your comments

  3. Print your report card from the student top tab – reports

  4. Make sure to check off the box that says show term comments

Time to Change Your Passwords!

We are being now asked to change our passwords – those that have had accounts for 3 months. For password issues please email:

Suggestion – if you are asked to change your password you could simply add the current month and year to the end of your old password, E.g., jan15, feb15

URGENT Reminder

Please remind all staff that all work done in MyEducation BC must be compliant with FOIPPA. No one should be logging in using credentials that are not their own. Training is located at All staff must respect the Administrative Procedure 4.17-4, Employee Confidentiality Understanding, as they are responsible for all work done under their credentials.


Videos and handouts for Elementary Administrators will be available Monday, January 19th. In-person training is Friday, January 23rd from 12 - 2 PM. The repeat of that session is Tuesday, January 27th from 9:30 - 11:30 AM. Admin. training sessions are in the CORE Annex at 33299 Robertson Ave.

Following those sessions individual help will be available by request.

Elementary administrators are also encouraged to attend a teacher training session that will take place in their school sometime in the next 5 weeks.

Elementary Schools and Strong Starts are Live in MyEducation BC

We have completed the conversion of all schools into MyEducation BC. The demographic data is very accurate and all clerical have now received their initial training. Our focus for January will be on registration especially for Kindergarten students. Ongoing support and timely training sessions will be available for clerical as we learn each process (such as 1701 and scheduling). Alison will continue to send out dates and times for these sessions.

Teacher and administrator training begins on January 19th and the schedule is posted on the MyEducation calendar. Part time teachers are asked to attend the session at their school even if it is not a regular work day and will be paid as a TOC for that half day of training. If training is missed due to illness, there are three ways to receive the training:

1. individuals can book at another local elementary with the permission of both principals and a TOC will be provided to the school where the teacher normally teaches for that half day depending on availability of TOCs

2. drop in sessions will be available monthly at CORE

3. assistance from colleagues could be supplemented by a visit from a helping teacher after training sessions are complete and the helping teachers are available for school visits (beginning of March)

All account information for teachers will be released at the training sessions. We continue to work with Fujitsu to clarify access for LSS teachers and will be releasing these accounts at training sessions.

Historical Data Update

Abbotsford has requested that our historical data be reloaded during spring break to enable us to publish complete, accurate PSR cards in June. We will be working with the Ministry to ensure that students graduating or leaving in January can receive accurate report cards and transcript information. We will continue to update schools as we receive precise information on when data will be loaded and visible in MyEducation BC.

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