susanna wilkinson dickinson


biographical facts

Susanna was born in 1814.She grew up in Tennesee wilderness. Susanna ran off with Almeron and got marrided. She got marrided at the age of 15 and Almeron at age of 25 on May 24,1849


Susanna was very supportive the guy she liked and dated he ended up with one of her friends Almeron asked her to be the bridesmaid. She ended up being the bridesmaid.

major contributions to Texas

She was at the battle of the Alamo. I think she was in the room that the children and woman were in it was were they hid.


She always helped people . She helped a guy that hurt his leg I think he was in the alamo.


susanna never learned to read and write.she was one of the few people that survived the famous battle of the Alamo in 1836.Susanna never went to school when she was a kid.
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