DEA Agent

By Josiah Shrum

About DEA

The drug enforcement administration (DEA) is responsible for enforcing federal narcotics laws. Jurisdiction is throughout the US,and all over the world. Investigations are complex and very dangerous. Most of the special agents analyze the charges and the appropriate law that are violated. They also confiscate drug money, vehicles,jewelry,property and other profits that suspect. At anytime in their career, they may be reassigned to any DEA post in the US or foreign countries. You are required to retire upon reaching the age 57,


Special agents usually earn a salary staring at the GS-7 or GS-9 level depending on their qualifications. Journey agents can progress to the GS-12 level. In the annual basic pay for the GS-7 to GS-12 levels ranged from $30,567 to $ 70,484.

Employment Prospects

Job opportunities generally become available as agents retire, are promoted or transfer. If you have previous military experience then you do not have to go to college to get into the DEA. Also after getting out of the military puts you at the top of the list for being chosen as a candidate for the DEA.

Education and Training

DEA seeks candidates who hold a bachelors degree with a cumulative grade point average 2.95 or better. Agents complete 16 weeks of specialized training at the FBI academy in Quantico Virginia.The require you to know at least 1 language that you know fluently but the more you know the better it is and it can also affect your pay.

Becoming An Agent

Applicants must also successfully complete a written and oral assessment, a medical exam, a physical task test, a polygraph exam, a psychological assessment, and an exhaustive background check. If you meet the basic requirements of the DEA then you will go through 16 weeks of training at the DEA academy in Quantico Virgina. You will complete 84 hours of physical fitness and defense tactics, you will also have 120 hours of firearms training. The training includes basic marksmen shooting, tactical shooting and dead enforcement shooting.


Must be a U.S citizen, and they must be no younger than 21 and no older than 36 at their time of appointment. You must have a college or military background and be able to speak at least one foreign language fluently. You have to be able to pass a background check and a drug test.