Newsletter Week 1 Term 3 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville - July 26th

Board of Trustees Message

We would like to welcome Paul Cooper as Relieving Principal to St Josephs School for Terms 3 and 4 while the Board of Trustees goes through the process of finding and appointing a new Principal for the start of 2023.

Paul is an experienced Waikato Principal of 18 years and has a collaborative team approach to leading a school. We are sure Paul is a good fit for our school, with his most recent school being a similar size to St Joseph’s where he was a part of a team that lead the transition to becoming the first ILE school in the Waikato. Paul has a strong empathy for St Joseph’s special character, and was a Principal for 7 years of a church school in an overseas mission setting.

We are sure you will make Paul feel welcome, and ask that you take the time to introduce yourself when you have the opportunity.

Wishing everyone all the best for the coming term.


David Nickalls


Principal's Message

Nau mai, haere mai St Joseph’s Whanau

It is a privilege to be writing my first Principal’s Message to you on my first day..

You no doubt have read about me in the Chairman of the Board’s introductory letter sent out at the end of last week. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you over the coming weeks.

My first day has largely been taken up with administration and meeting teachers and staff. I must say that even on this first day I am very impressed with St Joseph's School, the children, and the team of teachers and staff!

Yesterday saw past Principal Andrea Colebourn starting in her new principal role at Kaimai School. St Josephs sent a contingent of students and staff to support her in a powhiri welcoming her to the new school. We wish Andrea all the best for the future.

The Board of Trustees have made it possible to release Simone Campbell, Deputy Principal, from her classroom teaching position in Room 4 so that the leadership team can plan a seamless transition for the coming principal in 2023.

To all Grandparents: I note that it is “Grandparents Day” on this Wednesday: The children and their teachers have been working together to put on a special programme for you. To all who are so blessed to be called Grandparents, you are invited to be our Special Guests and join us for this special occasion starting at Mass at 9:45am.

Mid Term Reports: Next week teachers will send out a mid term update for each child. We know that you received curriculum information at the Student Led Conference earlier this term. The mid term update will give you some information around student progress with key competencies and a general comment for learning.

Celebrating St Anne Fest Day: Friday as a school we will be celebrating this special Feast Day. Can students please wear yellow/gold for the day as part of these celebrations.

St Josephs School Speech Festival: We will be holding our annual Speech Festival for Year 3-8 students next Tuesday, August 2nd. Students have been working exceptionally hard on their prestation's, with finalists being advised by their teachers this week. We would like to extend an invitation to parents/caregivers of the advised finalists to join us in the school hall from 9.00am if they would like to attend. Good luck everyone.

Covid Update

Summary of St Joseph’s Covid Expectations as guided by the MOE:

The impact of Covid continues to be a burden for St Joseph”s community with a number of families and a teacher currently in Covid isolation.

Summary of St Joseph’s Covid Expectations:

  • if you are sick or have covid symptoms stay at home and contact the school on 07 889 5306

  • all visitors are required to wear masks

  • mask wearing is encouraged and strongly recommended by the Ministry of Education for teachers and students of Years 4 to 8

  • mask wearing is encouraged and optional for Years 1 to 3

Coming Up Next Week

Monday 1st August … PFC meeting at 7:00pm in the staffroom

Tuesday 2nd August … School Speech Finals (Yrs 3-8) at 9:15am in the school hall

Tuesday 2nd August … Yr 7 & 8 Cath. Math. Competition

A prayer for us and the coming week:

Lord God, At the beginning of this new term teach us to be your hands and feet where we are.

At the beginning of this new term teach us to love as you love us.

At the beginning of this new term teach us to pray for those in need.

At the beginning of this new term teach us to show your abundant love, grace, mercy and peace.

So that You are honoured and glorified.

Every blessing and have a great week everyone, and if you see me do introduce yourself and have a chat.

Paul Cooper

Relieving Principal

Mask Wearing Term 3 - Ministry of Education Advice

Advice on Mask Wearing

We know that wearing a mask helps to protect us from catching and spreading a range of illnesses. As we continue into the middle of winter with colds, flu and COVID-19 circulating, a good rule of thumb is to wear a mask when outside your home particularly in places where it’s difficult to physically distance, in enclosed spaces with poor air quality and when coming into contact with vulnerable people such as those in hospitals or aged residential care. In schools, face masks are strongly encouraged to be used by ākonga and staff in Years 4- 13 when indoors to slow the spread of COVID-19. If large gatherings such as assemblies are to take place, face masks are strongly recommended.

Mask wearing is recommended for first 4 weeks of Term 3

At the start of Term 3, 2022, the Ministries of Education and Health strongly recommend that all schools and kura amend their mask policy for the first four weeks of term to require mask wearing in all indoor settings (where it will not have a significant impact on teaching and learning) for students in Years 4 and above. This recommendation does not include any situation where mask wearing might not be practicable, such as while eating and drinking, playing certain musical instruments, indoor sport, where it will have a significant impact on teaching and learning (for example, students with particular learning needs), certain activities such as singing or drama performance on stage, and PE. In these situations, particular attention should be paid to ensuring there is good ventilation during the activity, and physical distancing where practicable.

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Board of Trustees Elections 2022

Our school is undertaking a parent election for our School Board.

This process has started with the issuing of nomination papers to our caregiver community.

This year with legislative change, our nomination form and full instruction on how to place your nomination into our own School’s Election website will be emailed to you if we have your email address in our database or you will receive it by post if we don’t have your email in our database. Nomination papers will also be available at the school office. The school will send those on to CES for processing upon receipt from candidates. Nominations close on Wednesday 3rd August at 12 noon. Election day is Wednesday 7th September. We look forward to your participation in this process.

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IMPORTANT: Absentees, Messages for your Child & Collecting Your Child Through School Time

We wish to clarify the correct procedures as parents/caregivers for the following:

Absentees... There are three ways to advise the school of your child's absence. Please use one of the following with a brief reason as to why they are absent by 9.00am.

- Through our School App

- Email

- Phone (answer machine available)

If we have not received a reason via any of the above, an automated text is sent. If no response is received to the text this is then followed by a phone call/s. If we are still unable to contact a parent/caregiver the child is marked as truant.

To keep the process streamlined please do not advise absentees through Seesaw or teacher email. Teachers are not always on site to pass on messages and this can cause a lot of confusion for all concerned. We request that absentees are only advised via the above.

If your child is going to be absent from school for 3 days or more for a pre-planned event such as a holiday, operation, family event, etc, parents/caregivers must provide these details in writing - email This is so that as a school we meet the Ministry requirements.

Messages for Students

If for some reason plans made before school have changed and you need to get a message to your child please phone the School Office by 2.40pm - answer machine available.

Please do not Seesaw message or email the classroom teachers. Teachers do not have the luxury of time to continually check their messages when busy in the classroom and this can mean messages are missed.

Collecting Your Child During School Hours

On the rare occasion you may need to collect your child during school hours for an appointment, unexpected circumstances or sound valid reasons, please phone the school office at least 30 minutes, or earlier if possible, before collection time to arrange.

Under the current Orange COVID level your child will then be asked to wait at the Linden Street office door and parents/caregivers will be required to sign their child out.

PLEASE do not go straight to the classroom without first coming via the school office OR Seesaw message/email the classroom teachers. As above Teachers do not have the luxury of time to check their messages.

REMINDER: Students should not be on school site before 8.15am and all students (excluding late bus students) are to be off the school grounds by 3.15pm. Outside of these hours the school is not in a position to provide supervision of your child.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to these matters.

Sausage Sizzle Helpers

We would like to extend a thank you to the parent/caregivers that join us each week to assist with our weekly school sausage sizzle. The sausage sizzle if a very popular option for a quick lunch which our students seem to enjoy.

With busy terms ahead we are looking for more parents/caregivers to assist with this school fundraiser.

You would be rostered once a term on a Thursday between 11.30 to 12.45 - cooking sausages in the school kitchen, liaising with our student sausage deliverers and kitchen cleanup.

If you are keen to help us out once a term please contact the office at or phone 889 5306.

If we are unable to find additional helpers it may put this weekly lunch offer for students in jeopardy.

Where Does the Fundraising Go....the amount made from our weekly sausage sizzle is divided between our classrooms to help offset costs for trips/camps. If we find ourselves in a position of not having enough manpower (rostered once a term) to be able to continue with the weekly sausage sizzle, then those costs that the funds have offset in the past will be passed back to the parents/caregivers to cover as individuals at the time of the trip/camp.

Fingers crossed we have some keen people out there ready to keep this going for the benefit of all. Thank you

Reminder : Miniball and Hockey 2022

Just a reminder...

Hockey Registrations: These need to be completed by Friday, July 29th via the seesaw form shared. URGENTLY need managers for Yr 5/6 teams. At this time we may not be able to enter this year group until a manager if found. Please let us know if you can help in this area.

Miniball : Starts tomorrow Wednesday, July 27th. Please ensure fees are paid to the school office by Friday, August 5th. Thank you.

Reflection shared from Jemma Van Eijk, Director Religious Studies

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Upcoming Events

  • Term 3 Commences - Monday, July 25th 2022
  • Grandparents Day - Wednesday, July 27th
  • Mini Ball Starts-Wednesday, July 27th
  • Mufti Day - St Annes - Wear Gold/Yellow Friday, July 29th
  • Yr 7/8 team to WaiMaths - Wednesday, August 10th
  • STARJAM Spirit Hour - Friday, August 12th
  • Pizza Day - Thursday, July 18th
  • School Photos - Moday, September 5th

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