I'm off to Hoopla...

Team Blue Topaz-- I am leaving tonight for Hoopla! I can't wait to see the fall collection and see what Stella & Dot has in store for us this year. It is going to be amazing! As you watch the Hoopla updates come in through the stylist lounge, facebook and patter, I want you to be thinking about your goals for the next 6 months.

We will have another team meet up in August, probably August 4th, and I want everyone to bring their goals, and even a vision board if you like. Here are a few things to be thinking about over the next few days, so that when the fall collection releases, you can GO FOR IT!

-What are your goals for your family?
-What is your Glam Getaway Goal? Will you be on the trip with me next year?
-What are your sales goals for each month?
-How many stylist do you want to add to our team?
-Do you want to be a founding leader? With the new compensation plan (starting in September) if you hit Star Stylist in October, November or December, you will be considered a founding leader. I know we have a few of these on our team, and that can be you!

Take a moment of silence and think about these things, and then let's do it! I love you all!!! -Lindsey
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Action Steps

Personally invite 10-15 people individually (by text, phone or email- no group email or group text) to our Style Your Life Event on Monday, July 21st. Have your guests RSVP to you. Who is your target guest? Friends who want to see the collection, fabulous customers, prospective hostesses and prospective stylist.

If they reply that they cannot make it, send them the link to the new digital lookbook and ask for their opinions. Then they will be warmed up to ask for a trunk show.
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Attend a Fall Rally in your area. Here are a list of local events.

Come to our Post-Hoopla recap on Wednesday, July 23rd at my house. Our Sr. Director, Christy Goodman will be there and you will get an in depth tutorial on what we learned at Hoopla! If you have a prospective stylist, this would be fun for her to come to, so she can meet the team and get some training. RSVP at
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