Angkor Wat Temples

By Cam'ron Cyr

Where is it located?

The Angkor Wat Temples are located in Cambodia. They are two-hundred miles away from Rhnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia. Also, they are even closer to Siem Reap. Siem Reap is the gate way to the Angkor Wat Temples. It is the capitol of the Siem Reap province, or political district.
The Angkor Wat Temples are located deep in the forest because they were conquered and abandoned multiple times, and abandoned forever. The only people to see them were traveling monks that happened to pass by.


The original religion in the Angkor Wat region is Hinduism. Monks that follow Hinduism passed by the temples after it was abandoned and added cultural ideas to the temples. After a while, as Buddhism spread throughout Asia, the religion assimilated into Buddhism. Buddhism is now the current religion of the Angkor Wat region.
The religion of the Angkor Wat region shifted from Hinduism to Buddhism due to traveling monks.


The Angkor Wat Temples were mad to honor the Hindu god Vishnu. Its dimensions are very precise. they give you a three day anticipation of the Spring Equinox. The Ankgor Wat Temples are ranked among the seven wonders of the world in some beliefs. They were built in a strategic military position, and also were built on a special ground plan.
These are the backs of some temples of Angkor Wat.

The Ground Plan... Why is it sacred?

Besides being built in the honor of the god Vishnu, the Angkor Wat temples were also sacred because of its ground plan. The ground plan mirrors the star constellation Draco, on the spring equinox of 10,500 B.C.E.. Also, there are 108 temples surrounding Phnom Bakheng. !08 is a sacred number because it is half of 72 added to 72. 72 is what Angkor Wat is based off of.

Seventy-two is a primary number in the Earth's axial precession. This causes the apparent alteration of where the constellations are to change one degree every seventy-two years. Also, a really cool and mysterious fact is that the Pyramids of Giza are just seventy-two degrees of longitude west of the Angkor Wat.

History of Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat Temples were built between 802 and 1220 A.D.. They are a representation of cosmology that the Hindus studied. The temples, were a pilgrimage destination for the ancient Hindus and Buddhists. A french explorer brought these temples to attention in 1860 A.D., and started to restore the temples.

In the 16th century A.D., the temples were completely neglected, but yet, they were never fully abandoned. Monks like Antonio da Madalena visited the temples in 1586 A.D.. The moat around these temples provided a barrier from the jungle, it is the reason that the temples have not deteriorated. Thailand and France fought over the temples throughout long periods of time until Cambodia gained independence. Today, Cambodia has full control of the Angkor Wat Temples

The temples are now saddled by the large trees of the surrounding forest.