Weekend Update

E-portfolio edition

Calendar Notes

Sunday, 9/27, 8:50-10:00 pm - Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, open house at the Astronomy Center

Tuesday, 9/29 - 2014-2015 Academic Awards Ceremony, Mem Hall, required for all; new students and faculty are asked to sit in the balcony.

Tuesday, 9/29 OR Thursday, 10/1 - Advisee dinners begin; see earlier correspondence from the DOS office for details

Thursday, 10/1, 8:00 pm - Compline, Old Chapel

Saturday, 10/3 - No classes; Fourth form community outreach, SAT administration, Third Form LinC day (stay tuned and see below for more details).

Sunday, 10/4, 4:00 pm - Choral Evensong

Tuesday, 10/6, 2:10 pm - All school presentation from the Engineering Honors Program (this is a change from what is printed in the calendar).

Wednesday, 10/7 - Cricket Holiday? (see below)

E-portfolio Pilot Program

Implementing E-portfolios with the Third Form


An electronic portfolio is a tool that allows students to set goals, record achievements and reflect on their educational experience in a structured manner. As an institution we will create a framework that includes categories for which we want our students to post examples of their learning and growth; this tool will allow students to gather, preserve and reflect on a large body of work from all aspects of their SPS careers for the duration of their time at the school and beyond.


- Students curate their own academic experience

- Promotes a culture of reflection

- promotes a holistic approach to a students’ SPS experience

- develops in students an understanding of what type of learners they are

- facilitates higher quality dialogue between advisee and adviser

- encourages students to share their best work with a variety of audiences


- Students will establish their portfolios through their Humanities III classes by the end of September

- Students have control over their own portfolios which they access at www.schoolchapters.com; they can share parts of their portfolios with their advisers (which will be our expectation) and teachers (at the teachers’ request)


As advisers… On Saturday, October 3, third formers and their advisers (or another adviser from their house) will be led through a structured program reiterating the purpose of the e-portfolio and guiding students – with their advisers’ help – to begin building their portfolios

As teachers… If you are interested in using the portfolio (easily accessed through Canvas), Melissa will also guide you through this process. Importantly, students in ALL FORMS can create portfolios at their teachers’ request or on their own.

Here are some helpful, brief tutorials that Melissa created to guide us through this process:

1) For teachers: adding to the portfolio through Canvas

2) For teachers AND students: Getting on the portfolio

3) Adding to the portfolio through the HMH Portfolio website

E-portfolio vocabulary:

Artifacts - documents, videos, pictures, etc. that are requested by their teachers (via Canvas assignments) OR are uploaded independently by the student. HMH Portfolio offers virtually unlimited storage. When students upload artifacts they can include a reflection on the value of the artifact; artifacts can also be “tagged” for ease of organizing in the future (for example “Physics First” or “field hockey”)

Storage – this is where EVERYTHING (known as “artifacts”) that a student uploads goes.

Portfolio Framework – this is where students (or teachers) can create a set of criteria to which students can tag “artifacts” as evidence of meeting certain competencies.

Story – this is a public webpage produced by the student that can be shared with anyone, such as a teacher, adviser, parent, college, or potential employer.

Reminder: Holiday homework policy

Cricket Holiday will NOT be on Wednesday, 10/7, but it will be soon... Please remember that our policy is to allow our students to fully enjoy the day as an opportunity for rest and play. Teachers should postpone assignments one day when the holiday is called. If you have any questions about this, please talk to Alisa, Lawrence or a Department Head.
SPS Cricket Club