Binary to Hex for dummies

A quick guide

Binary to Hex

Binary can be a very difficult task and converting it can be even more of a nightmare,but its not that hard lets take a look you'd be given a 9 bit binary code like this 11111110 first of all we need to split it into two NIBBLES so that would be (1110)One nibble (1111) 2 nibbles now using the Fibonacci sequence we can work out what they mean.

8 4 2 1

(1 1 1 0) so 2+4+8=13 that's the first nibble now continuing on the Fibonacci sequence we can work out the second

128 64 32 16

( 1 1 1 1 ) so 128+64+32+16=240

now we have two separate numbers 240 and 13 now as 9 bit binary only goes up too 9 it then goes into letters so

1---------------------15 as hex is 16 bit you have to divide 240 by 16 so 240/16=15


so 15=F and then look at 13 witch =D so youre anwser =FD

Easy right they get a little more tricky lets take another look at another question

00010110 again split them in too two nibbles (0001) (0110) and again using the Fibonacci sequence have a go at working out their value...