Mrs. Asher's First Grade News

Week of May 9, 2016

Sight Words

These are the sight words your child learned to read and spell this week. These sight words are common words that your child should be able to read in a snap (without sounding them out). Knowing sight words helps your child's fluency and comprehension (because they won't be dedicating so much time and attention to decoding words).

animal, answer, ask, end, found


* This week in Letterland the kids learned about the /oo/ sound such as in the words goose and tooth.

* We also worked on identifying who was talking at various points in a story. The kids learned that often fiction stories have narrators that just tell the story. They looked before and after quotation marks to see which characters were talking when there was dialogue.

* As we read the story, Rumpelstiltskin, the kids worked on making connections and comparing it with other fairy tales they have heard.


We reviewed how to write narratives this week. The kids were able to choose if they wanted to write a personal narrative, where they told about something that happened to them, or they could choose to write a fictional narrative. We focused a lot on making sure our stories have a good opening where we tell the setting of the story and that they have a strong closing where the writer might tell about a lesson that was learned, how they felt, or what they or the characters in their story hoped or wished for in the future.


In math, the kids learned about graphs. They learned how to make and interpret picture graphs and tally charts. After creating several graphs the kids worked on answering questions where they told which item had the most or least and they answered comparing questions where they had to tell how many more/fewer one item had than another. They enjoyed surveying each other and collecting data on: What our favorite subject in school is? and What color eyes do people have in our class? Important math vocabulary words: more, less, fewer, least, most, graph, data, survey

Social Studies

This week in social studies the kids started learning about how we can protect the natural resources on our Earth. They learned the difference between natural resources and man-made resources. They enjoyed going on a resource walk around the school to identify natural and man-made resources. We learned about the 3 R's, reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Important Dates

- May 20 - Fairytale Tea Party come at 1:10 and we will start at 1:20

- May 23 and 24 - Lunch time change 11:15-11:45 (because of 3-5 EOG testing)

- May 25 - Lunch time change 11:00-11:30

- May 27 - Field Day 9:30-12:00

- May 30 - No School

- May 31 - Meet the Teacher for Track 1 5:15-6:45

- June 3 - Last Day of School for Track 1 and Report Cards Go Home