Market Economy: Crash Course Government and Politics #46


Market economy

Government Control?

In Arcadia the government does not control the people or tell them what they can and cannot have in a business. The government only gets involved for the protection of the people and safety regulations. People are allowed to control their businesses any way they want with their own freedom and liking.Another advantage to having a market economy is that people gain social skills and knowledge that are needed to function in the new economy.


Market economies are controlled by the interactions of Arcadia's citizens and businesses which helps make the economic decisions and pricing goods and services.People buy what they want if they an pay for it, making money necessary for life. More people wok hard due to the threat of loosing their job.People gain their pay by the amount of time they work and if they do it efficiently.


One bad thing about a market economy is that costs associated with production are not always paid by the supplier. However, in market economy the theory is that if they need to then they will change and adapt to changing conditions in order to function properly.Secondly, market is driven by want, not need which will cause goods to have different values based on the concept of supply and demand. Although, this could help sell products faster making businesses run better and with more money employees could get a higher pay.


Nevertheless, this form of economy in Arcadia gives people the freedom to what they do without being deprived of their rights. In Arcadia our slogan is to: live a happy, peaceful life with nature and its people.