The Pepi Times

Top story little Pepi earns the name "Fly King"

By Celeste Adams

The fly king

The current King, Pepi, started to get annoyed by the fact that flies love him. However he was infact outraged by the number of flies that were attrected to him. So what he did, was not so nice, but very smart. He told a slave to smuther himself with Honey. This may sound rediculus, but it did infact work out, just the way he panned. The flies were all atracted to the sweet taste of honey, many also got stuck. This is how he is now widley known as "The fly King".


Pyramids Still in Construction?

The Pyramid of Giza is still in construction. When King Khufu, requested a pyramid he had very specific detail on what he wanted. " Make it smaller than my fathers, but make it look bigger". It was very hard for the construction workers to figure out way to do this, but once they did it had already been a while. It does look taller and wider than any other pyramid. See you Next time, and learn more about the pyramids.
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About Pepi

Pepi is a pharaoh of the 6th dynasty of kings by right of inheritance. He succeeded Pharaoh Merenre, his half-brother, to the throne of Egypt. His father was Pepi I and his mother is Queen Ankhenespepi II. Pepi was underage when he succeeded his half-brother to the throne of Egypt. His mother Queen Ankhesenpepi II, the widow of King Pepi I, ruled in the role as regent until her son reached maturity.
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Neith is thought to have been a daughter of the pharaoh Pepi I and queen Ankhesenpepi I, making her half-sister and cousin to pharaohPepi II. Neith may be the mother of King Nemtyemsaf II. There is a legend about Queen Nitocris who, if she indeed existed at all, may have been a daughter of Neith.
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Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom was called the "Age of the Pyramids", with magnificent monuments built by rulers such as King Djoserand Khufu aka Cheops. The time of the kings of the 4th Dynasty was called the "Golden Age". During the 4th dynasty, the king of Egypt (they were not called 'Pharaoh' until the New Kingdom) became a living god, who ruled absolutely and could demand the services and the wealth of his subjects. This changed during the 6th dynasty of kings when there was a decline in the power and wealth of the pharaohs and they ceased to be absolute monarchs. The rise of the cult of Osiris emerged during the 5th dynasty. The Old Kingdom extended from the third to the sixth dynasty.
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Death of King

Pepi's brother's life has come to an end leaving 6 year old Pepi, to rule on his own. It has been a fall for us, we now are being ruled by Pepi, at a very young age. Will the kingdom fall out of there control? Will we be conqured? Find out on the next eddintion of "The Pepi Times".
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