Housing in Singapore

Past, Present and Future

Housing in the Past

The housing in the past would look most likely like this building found in Tiong Bahru as years goes by soon the house of itself might start to decay and rot as soon the government might remove it away and build something new in the future as it might be a multi-storey HDB flat or some other things that is yet to be known in the future

Housing in the Present

Sengkang is also the first satellite new town in Singapore to have its major public transport amenities built in tandem with the main public housing development.Sengkang New Town is divided into four major neighbourhoods, arranged from east to west.The neighbourhoods are Riverlvale,Compassvale,Anchorvale and Fernvale.
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Housing in the Future

The housing in the future is yet to be known yet but as the environment and inclusive housings we could tell that the future is going to be a more cleaner and maybe designed HDB's and houses but not only that, it might be a lot more house built too