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EI Paso dental provides many types of services like restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry and rehabilitative dentistry and also for children provide children’s dentistry. Dr. Michael Mullen D.D.S is an experienced and famous dentist in a wide area of United States. He makes good and strong relationship with patients due to their good treatment and also with their good behavior. He politely explains the problem to patient what he found and how fix it.

In children’s dentistry, our experienced dentist dedicated the oral health of children and care for children’s teeth, mouth and gums in different stages of childhood. We provide full range of restorative dentistry treatment which improves patients oral’s health. In these services we including tooth colored fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges, and so more.

We are using modern dental techniques for rebuild the broken teeth which was damaged due to injury, gums diseases, tooth grinding and any more reason. The techniques which involve in this therapy are dental implants, composite fillings, fixed bridges, inlay and on lay restorations, dentures and partial dentures and so more. EI Paso dental provides good prevention methods to secure our smile and also provides various methods like fluoride treatment, systemic antibiotics and altering saliva production.