Dazzler team Training Schedule

Up date

End April through to end July

Hi to you all.

I wanted to just let you know about an update to our team training that the leaders and me have been planning. This is to incorporate New Stylist Training in full and then weekly drill downs into the different aspects of our job. Your Stars, Associate Directors and Directors are committed to supporting you moving forward and so this is what we would like to offer.

The trainings listed will all start at 8.pm and take place on a Tuesday evening.

The dial in details will be as follows:

number to call 0203 5084760

Room no. 752194

Participant pin 1672

Here is the Schedule

29th April New Stylist Training approx. 90 mins

6th May Booking and Hostess Coaching 30 mins

13th May Terrific Trunk Shows

20th May The Fortunes' in the Follow Up

27th May Sponsoring Success

3rd June New Stylist Training with me

10th June Booking and Hostess Coaching

17th June Terrific Trunk Shows

24th June The Fortunes' in the Follow Up

1st July Sponsoring Success

8th July New Stylist Training with me

15th July Booking and Hostess Coaching

22nd July Terrific Trunk Shows

29th July The Fortunes' in the Follow Up

5th August Sponsoring Success

I will be offering all the fully 90 minute New Stylist Trainings and the Dazzling leaders will be taking turns to offer the other 4 x 30 min calls

This is a real opportunity to dial in and learn /refresh your knowledge and I am very ,much looking forward to your feedback on the FB page

Senior Stylist and Beyond

In addition to the above training I would also like to offer a weekly call opportunity to those of you already at Senior Stylist or working and striving to get there in order that we might have some dazzling Star promotions before Hoopla. To date we have

Lauren Langton, Amanda Sharples, Jo Angel, Jane Jordon and Mel Gittens all at Senior Stylist with Catherine Dyke Price, Yana T, Petrina Goldman Sill and Linda Webster very ,very close and gunning for promotion this month. Starting next Wednesday morning 30th April and weekly thereafter at 9.30am please join me for an informal call re your promotion to senior, maintain the rank and moving on up to star ( same number as above )


book out the dates of September 12th to 14th right now, you are coming to a game changing event Hoopla 2014. I'm going to a leaders meeting soon so will update with the plan but roughly speaking this is it

Starts around 3pm Friday 12th September for fashion fun and Jessica Herrin's keynote speech

Evening of 12th Dazzler team event with prizes and awards and all round fun and frolics

Saturday 13th full day of kudos inspiration and training

Evening of 13th All Stylist party time

Sunday 14th as saturday until 3pm ish