Shaylene Lora


materials that freely allow the flow of electrons with very little resistance.
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materials that do not allow electrons to flow freely but do not directly stop them either.
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materials that stop the flow of electrons.
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Comparing & Contrasting

Semiconductors have more resistance than conductors but less than insulators.

Conductors allow electrons to flow except for semiconductors and insulators those two both stop the flow of electrons.


Conductors- water, copper, and Iron.

Semiconductors- silicon

Insulators- Grass, Dry air, and Rubber

Daily Life (for insulator)

Some real world situations could be a charger from a phone. When you plug it in there is an insulator on the outside. So when ever I touch it, I don't get shocked because it stops the flow of electrons on the outside.

Daily Life (for semiconductor)

The computer chip in the laptops we use for school.

Daily Life ( for conductor)

A swimming pool because if you stuck a hair dryer in a swimming pool electrons would travel all around the water shocking you.