7 Traits of Writing & The Writing Process

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Stages of the Writing Process

There are 6 stages in the process of writing texts. Although every writer creates their own path when writing, they usually follow this sequence:
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7 Traits of Effective Writing

Ideas: The writing focuses on one topic

Organization: The text follows a chronological or sensible order

Voice: The writers personal tone in the piece

Word Choice: The vocabulary that the writer uses

Sentence Fluency: The words and phrases of the text flow

Conventions: The text is written grammatically correct

Publishing: The overall look of the piece

Making Connections!

The 7 traits of effective writing are addressed in the writing process!

Each step requires the writer to consider at least one of the traits!

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Have some fun! Watch this video to review the 6+1 traits of good writing! As you watch it, think back and try to remember what stage of the writing process each trait falls under!

6+1 Traits of Writing
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