IB Program Newsletter

Nov/Dec 2021

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Coordinator's Message

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Please enjoy this November/December edition of the IB Program Newsletter. You will find the May 2022 IB Exam Schedule linked below and see some of the fun activities students completed over the past few weeks.

I truly wish everyone health & happiness this holiday season! Enjoy the break!!

~Mrs. Normile

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May 2022 Exam Schedule

Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) Experiences

Dunkin Donuts Fundraiser for Interact Club

For its grand reopening, Dunkin Donuts agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds from that day to our Massena High School Student Rotarians, the Rotary Interact Club. These students will donate the funds to different local charities.

Full diploma seniors Madeline Tusa & Logan Dobbins (the donut) and full diploma junior Kristen Oliver (the coffee) helped to promote the fundraiser.

Toy Drive

Full diploma junior Kristen Oliver planned and carried out a toy drive for the community! She was able to collect many gifts to donate to families in need this Christmas season. Great job, Kristen!

Decorating the John Story Trail

Full diploma juniors Logan Eggleston, Brayden Dutton and Aaron Binion collected decorations to make the John Story Trail festive for the holiday season. They spent hours stringing lights and garland to create an experience for people to enjoy!!

Approaches to Teaching & Learning in Classrooms

Teaching Based on Inquiry

Students in Mrs. Thomas's senior IB English Literature class worked on a Flipgrid activity. They responded to The Road by Cormac McCarthy in video format. After being assigned an inquiry question, each group brainstormed responses, found textual evidence for support and recorded a group video. Two of the video submissions are linked below.

Teaching Focused on Conceptual Understanding

Students in Mrs. Thomas's senior IB English Literature class worked on the concept of inferences.

Students needed to:

  1. Identify what an inference is and how it applies to Cormac McCarthy's The Road
  2. Activate prior knowledge regarding apocalypses and explore examples in popular media and culture
  3. Establish the setting of The Road

Since making inferences is crucial to understanding the post-apocalyptic setting of Cormac McCarthy's The Road, students were asked to work in groups to analyze the picture above. Each group made inferences about the pic and then shared their inferences with the rest of the class. They will be applying these skills during the reading of the next novel.

Thinking and Communication Skills

Students in Mr. Covell's junior IB History class created their own political cartoons. Students needed to think of an issue and then present that issue as a cartoon. Two examples are posted below. Lia Lazare's cartoon discusses the concept of Federalism, and Colden Hardy's portrays the original misdirection in forming political parties.

Research Skills

Students in Mrs. LaGarry's IB Biology SL class used microscopes to examine their own cheek cells!

Holiday Activities

Mr. Boyle's IB Spanish Class

Big picture

Mrs. LaGarry's IB Biology SL Class