Charles I of England

(1600 - 1649)

"Charles the First, was the Worst!"

King Charles I of England was an absolute monarch. He is known for being a harsh ruler for many things, such as imposing incredibly heavy taxes. This made civilians dislike him, and even the Parliament attempted to limit his power. As a result, King Charles I of England tried to arrest the members of Parliament.

When riots and mobs began, King Charles I of England fled to the North and raised a large army; this started the English Civil War (1642-1649).

King Charles I of England was strict and put anybody who disagreed with him in prison. He believed that he had Divine Right; the right to rule by God. He also believed that his word is law, and everybody should not question his word and simply agree and follow him. He used ancient reasons for heavy taxation and old taxes such as Ship Money (A medieval custom that made coastal towns pay for the upkeep of naval ships and defences).

The majority of King Charles I of England's funds went to fund the war between France and Spain.

King Charles I of England: His Goals and Accomplishments

King Charles I of England believed that the only need for Parliament to interfere with him was to give him funds; he made this his goal. He also tried to impose High Church Anglicanism on the Presbyterian Scots to convert them. King Charles I was able to control all people of lower class by putting anybody who disagreed with him in prison. Lastly, Charles I tried to continue King James II's belief of The Divine Right of Kings.

King Charles I of England left an important legacy for England. After he died, England learned from their mistakes and gave more power to the Parliament to make it more democratic.