Daniel Camargo Barbosa

The Colombian Serial Killer by Maria Aurich


Barbosa's childhood was the trigger to his serial killer life. Barbosa's mother died when he just a young child and that cause him a lot o pain and when he wanted to turn to someone for comfort he had no one because his father was emotionally distant and overbearing. His step mother would beat him and punish him. One of his worst punishments was she would do was dress him as a young girl and would make him go out to his friends and be the ridicule of the neighborhood.

who is Daniel Barbosa?

Daniel Barbosa was born in Colombia on January 22, 1930. He is known to have raped and killed over 150 girls in Colombia and Ecuador. His method to attract the young girls was that he would ask for a church that was far out of town and since the girls needed money they would go with Daniel. The girls that got suspicious about his actions were able to get away but the ones who stayed were raped and killed and left in the forest to be eaten by the wild animals
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Investigation/Media coverage

Daniel starting getting caught about his crimes when he realized that the women he had children with and was going to marry wasn't a virgin anymore so Daniel and Esperanza started their partnership. The partnership was that she would bring him virgins so he could rape them and he would stay with her. What was different about this was he hadn't killed them just raped them so the girls went and turned him. Daniel went to court and the judge gave him 3 years he was ecstatic about the short time. What he didn't know is that a new judge got his case and imprisoned him for 8 years without probation


All Barbosa's victims were young virgin girls who were in need of money and would do anything to get a little money for things that weren't available to them. He would make them believe that that he had never been to this church but in fact he did because almost all his victims were killed that way.


Camargo was convicted in 1989 and sentenced to 16 years in prison, the maximum sentence available in Ecuador. While serving his sentence in the Garcia Moreno de Quito jail, he claimed to have converted to Christianity. In this penitentiary he was imprisoned with Pedro Alonso Lopez ("the Monster of the Andes"), who is believed to have raped and killed more than 300 girls in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.