Mission & Goals

Laura Meyer - March 18, 2016 - $85,161

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission for 2015-2016 is to utilize and develop my knowledge, skill sets, and abilities as a servant leader throughout all facets of my life (faith, family, friends, community, and work) through reflection, interaction with others, and continuous learning.

Professional Goals

Goal: I will work collaboratively with district and school colleagues, parents, students, and community stakeholders in order to prepare, create and establish a state-of-the-art learning environment which welcomes and cultivates a sense of community pride and educational excellence as well as promotes a mantra that all learners will achieve and be successful.

Goal: I will find effective ways in which to "sharpen my saw" by eating right, self-reflecting, and exercising.

Weekly Summary Report

Highlights from this week:

*SCES Family Night Presentation: These were really exciting evenings for me on Monday and Thursday! I think I could've shared at least another hour's worth of information!!!! I really want everyone to embrace these changes and make this a positive transition. The thumbprint tree has been a HUGE hit with the children and their parents. Many of the parents that did not bring their children asked how their child's thumbprint could/would be added....we will continue this project at our registration and Meet the Teacher events!!

Prior to the presentation on Thursday night, I had a mom tell me that her son, Jeremy, did not want to leave BSES because he just had one more year to go at BSES; earlier in the day, she had even completed and submitted an Attendance Area Transfer Request form to Mrs. Kimbrell. I was able to introduce myself and speak with Jeremy for a few minutes...we had a nice conversation about his interests. Well, as soon as the presentation was finished, Jeremy shared with me (with a gleam in his eye) that he had changed his mind...he is coming to Shoally Creek and is excited! We did a high-five! :) Probably the TOP highlight of my week!

*TransformSC Conference: Always an impressive conference! I found the information on well-being and engagement quite interesting in regards to students and adults. I couldn't help but relate the college information to my son...his experiences with professors...especially Dr. Carson who is interested in him, cares about how he is doing, and encourages/mentors him to finish!

Next Week:

*SCES Family Night Event at Hendrix (Monday)

*Review applicants and schedule interviews for Nurse, Literacy Coach, and Math Coach for the week of March 28th

*Tuesday, March 22 - Art interviews

*Wednesday, March 23 - Media Specialist interviews

*Thursday, March 24 - Music interviews