Middle Childhood Health Concerns

By: Grace Lubanski


  • Aware of midrange hearing first
  • By 11, they have the hearing of adults
  • If ear infections are untreated hearing loss can occur
  • Number of ear infections decrease
  • The Eustachian tube changes postion
  • This helps prevent bacteria and fluids in the ear


  • By 6 they are ready to read
  • Can see objects with both eyes at once
  • Focus improves
  • Nearsightedness is most common
  • Being more engaged in reading increases nearsightedness
  • 25% of children will need their vision corrected.


  • Begin to loose their baby teeth
  • Central incisors are the first teeth to fall out.
  • By 12, 20 teeth will have been replaced
  • Teeth are first unproportioned to the face
  • Tooth loss can cause them to be self-conscious
  • Need of proper dental hygiene
  • Brush teeth after every meal
  • Avoid food with high sugar


  • Obesity is excessive body fat
  • 20% more than other people of the same sex
  • Can highly effect emotional health
  • Possibly have overweight parents
  • Can overeat due to family stress
  • Can be a result of physical inactivity
  • Typically overweight as adults