The Doll In The Garden

By Mary Downing Hahn


There was a ten year old girl that moved to a new house. They only bought some of the house because the real owner who is a mean lady named Ms.cooper owns the house. One day she went into a dead rose garden with her new friend Kristi and they found a buried box that said Anna Maria. Inside the box was a doll.


Inside that box with the doll was a note, a apology note from someone named Carrie. Then they saw a white cat named Snowball that cats no shadow. Kristi said he only meow when it's summer or when it's night. For a couple of nights Ashley hears a child crying so then one night she found snowball and followed him and find a girl named Louisa dying of a disease called consumption. So she gets Kristi and introduces her to Louisa then realizes that Ms.Cooper is Carrie.


Ms.Cooper said she never got to return the doll so she returns the doll to Louisa. Ms.Cooper (Carrie) thought that if she give the doll back she will live so they go to the graveyard to see what happens. What happens did she live or did she die read the book to find out.