Karl Doenitz

The Nasty Nazi

Karl as a Nazi Commander

Karl was a general admiral, eventually commanded the whole navy. One of the many chosen by Hitler to succeed and show what Germany could do. The defendant Karl Doenitz said it was not the Nazi's to blame but it was the politicians that brought these crimes. But of course it all was a lie. He was charged under Counts One, Two and Three of the Indictment and mainly for dealing with Sinking British ship.Karl even said that he would have eat dirt rather than have his grandson live among the Jews. Karl Doenitz had to serve 10 years in jail. It was not fair what he did to many Jews but we could not act like many Germans, killing innocent people.

Guilty Charged

There was only little evidence about Karl attending German War Development and barely any evidence of what Karl did to the civilians. His guilt were only in the war crimes from the German U boats sinking others such as the British ships. Although Karl Doenitz built and trained the German U boat arm there was no evidence of him preparing or starting wars.

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