Plastic Surgeon

Duties and Responsibilities.

That means when a person has and injury or accident that has damaged bones, muscles, or skin. Depending on the wound a reconstructive surgeon may take skin grafts to help burns, rebuild the face or bones with equipment and procedures designed to mimic a patient natural appearance, or affix prosthetic devices that allow the patient to regain their appearance it was before an injury.

Education and Training

This job requires to have a bachelors degree, and get your Doctor of Medicine after completing Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O) from and accreted medical school. A doctor of medicine program includes four years of classroom study and laboratory work. The final two years place students in hospitals and health clinics, where they obtain clinical experience.


The average salary for where I am planning to move to (Phoenix, Arizona) is $338,370 a year for 50%. 10% is $237,492, 25% is $285,566, 75% is $422,087, and 90% is $498,307 a year.

Advantages of being

Well obviously the ups of being a plastic surgeon is getting paid well. I get to help people which I love doing.