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Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

Through out this year in the College Preparatory English Class I have learned a lot about writing and British literature books. Throughout the year we have taken a test over each book we read. The last book we read, instead of doing a half-way point essay we simply wrote a blog post about what we had read in the past two weeks. In addition to reading the outside reading books, we read Beowulf and the Canterbury Tales. We had to do a Multi-genre Project over these two stories either by a ballad, a drawing, a diary entry, etc. Through out the year there definitive were some assignments I excelled in, and some I greatly struggled with. I feel my greatest weakness was the blog posts about my book, while I feel my greatest strength was the research paper.


Brett Clark

Multi-genre Projects

Ballad of Beowulf

Long ago there was a great tale

Telling of the great Beowulf

It begins not with good but evil

It begins with a monster worse than a wolf

Grendel went in looking for blood

He killed all during their sleep

Gashing and slashing slinging around mud

It was so fast not one soldier could even make a peep

Then Beowulf came to save the day

He promised to the king grendel would die

Beowulf began his quest to for many to say

At night he would never sleep but stare at the sky

Then came the first altercation

Beowulf and Grendel stared down each other

Beowulf promised to send him to damnation

Beowulf then went and killed his mother

Yet in the end Beowulf won the fight

Grendel had lost an arm

He crawled out of sight

The king was free from harm.

Canterberry Tales pictue

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This picture represents that since the three men are so blinded and weighed down by greed, they can not see death coming and they can not run from death. If one of them could have given up the treasure and walked away, he most likely would have survived.