3K News!

Week of June 1-5, 2015


6/10: Indian King Tavern Field Trip. Please make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes and sunblock if necessary.

6/11: Writers' Ball! Please join us to celebrate all of our hard work in writing this year. We will be sharing our Fairy Tales with you. The Writers' Ball will begin at 2:15 in the music room.

*Please have your child bring in a white t-shirt that we can tie-dye. All 3rd graders will be wearing their t-shirt for Field Day. Please have the shirts in by 6/10. Thanks!

Help Wanted!

On Thursday June 11th, we will be tie-dying our t-shirts. We would love some extra hands to help us rinse t-shirts before we leave them out to dry. We would need help at 11:00 on June 11th. If you are interested, please email me.

Greenfield Hall!

3k Historians had a wonderful trip to Greenfield Hall this week! While there, we learned about John Gill and how he bought the house for his wife Elizabeth French. We toured the house and learned a lot about life in Colonial Haddonfield, like the different tools they used, the games kids would have played back then, and what a bedroom looked like in that time. After our tour of the house, we were lucky enough to eat our homemade butter and cornbread.

Interdisciplinary Learning in 3K!

This week, 3K was very lucky to have two very special guests in the classroom. Ms. Yedman, another teacher at Tatem, brought in her two good friends, Trish and Katie Maunder, to teach students about different learning styles. Katie has had visual impairment since she was born. Katie and her mom, Trish, taught us how Katie has learned what we learn, but she learns slightly different by using other senses than sight. They shared with us Katie's favorite children's books that Trish made with different textures and sounds, and Katie showed us how she plays games that we are familiar with such as Dominoes.

Katie also discussed how she can appreciate art using the senses of smell, touch, and hearing. Ms. Talian, our art teacher, seamlessly carried our lesson into the art room where students worked together to create sculptures that can be enjoyed by everyone. Stay tuned to read more about this great experience in the Tatem Times!

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