Alcohol Is Worse Than A Curse

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving causes thousands of accidents each year. They happen because when the driver drinks alcohol, their vision, muscle and response times slow. Accidents caused by drunk driving cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year.

When you drink and drive there are consequences such as; car insurance increases, fines and possible jail time.

Sad Drinking and Driving Ad

Social Problems

There are many problems which can be caused by drinking. People who abuse alcohol may have relationship problems with their family and friends. Family and friends may want to stay away from someone who has a drinking problem. People who abuse alcohol may also develop school and work problems due to missing days caused by being drunk or having a hangover.

Short Term and Long Term Effects

There are short and long term affects of drinking alcohol. Some short term effects are slowed muscles, blurred eye sight and having trouble walking. Some other short term effects are having an irritated stomach, irritated small intestine and slowed nerve activity of the body. Long Term Effects of abusing alcohol are, swollen veins, brain cancer, memory loss and also mouth, throat and tongue cancer.

This website offers help to people struggling with alcohol abuse. Also, this website help a person locate meetings around them. These meetings allow people to hear other people's stories about how alcohol has negatively effected their lives.

BY: Keegan Kennedy ODD C