Mrs. Bradford's Friday News

September 16th, 2016

The first couple of days

We are 7 days into the school year and I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the ride. We are learning names and routines and I even throw in a couple of academic pieces here and there:) I'm sure evenings at home changed a bit. My guess is your child is exhausted when they come home. It's a big adjustment for their little bodies. I see improvement and an increase in stamina everyday.

So far this week we have learned:

upper/lowercase letters

how identify, say, and write O,X, A, B, T

number talks

words to describe position and location

"I wonder" and "I notice" statements while reading books

numbers on a dice

what a period is/means

all sentences start with a capital letter

how to label something in a picture

how to read a book (read the pictures, retell the story, read the words)

the zones of regulation (a great behavior tool) To find out more visit: Zones of Regulation

how to play pop and four corners

how to make a hypothosis

super words: I, a, is

activities on GoNoodle (best movement website ever!!) check it out here: GoNoodle

and countless routines for Mrs. Bradford's class


We came up with our own rules for the class this week. Anything you can do at home to help enforce them would be great.

1. Be Quiet

2, Be nice to others (listen, share, take turns, say nice things)

3. Keep my hands and feet to myself

4. Be gentle with classroom materials

5. Always do my best work

Curriculum Night Canceled

The Kindergarten team has decided to cancel the curriculum night for Kindergarten. It was difficult for us to come to this decision since it was going to be our first one. The district is in the process of implementing some wonderful additions to our curriculum and we want to make sure that we are comfortable with the changes before attempting to teach parents. Many things are staying the same but are being looked at by a different lens. I had the pleasure of being involved with the curriculum redesign this summer and I am very excited in the direction the district is headed. The kindergarten curriculum will be tied to the MN standards and tailored to make sure kids are getting their social emotional needs met along with academics. I will actually be speaking at the school board meeting on the 29th if you want come and listen to some of the experiences this summer or watch it on TV (school board meetings are riveting entertainment).


Now that the school year has started...What are your wonderings and notices? Please feel free to send me an e-mail or ask anytime.


I will start coordinating for volunteers at the end of September. I have lots of projects in mind for this year and can't do them by myself :)

Upcoming Events

September 19-23

Wyatt is the Star of the Week


September 20th Luke's birthday

September 23rd- Scholastic book orders due

September 24th- Kendall's birthday (celebrate on the 23rd)

September 26-30th

Unu is the Star of the Week

Communities and getting to know one another

September 30th- LRE Fun Run

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