How to begin Potty Train

Haley Moore

signs of readiness

Potty-training success hinges on physical and emotional readiness, not a specific age. Many kids show interest in potty training by age 2, but others might not be ready until age 2 1/2 or even older — and there's no rush. If you start potty training too early, it might take longer to train your child.

More signs

  • child seem interested in the potty chair or toilet, or in wearing underwear
  • child understands and follow basic directions
  • child tell you through words, facial expressions or posture when he or she needs to go
  • child stays dry for periods of two hours or longer during the day
  • child complains about wet or dirty diapers
  • child pulls down his or her pants and pull them up again
  • child can sit on and rise from a potty chair

MUscle control

When you notice signs that your child might need to use the toilet — such as squirming, squatting or holding the private area — respond quickly. Help your child become familiar with these signals, stop what he or she is doing, and head to the toilet. Your child is learning to control their bladder but not as well the bowel just because its easier to hold in.


Teach girls to wipe carefully from front to back to prevent bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina or bladder. When it's time to flush, let your child do the honors. Make sure your child washes his or her hands afterward.Some kids respond to stickers or stars on a chart. For others, trips to the park or extra bedtime stories are effective. Reinforce your child's effort with verbal praise, such as, "How exciting! You're learning to use the toilet just like big kids do!" Be positive even if a trip to the toilet isn't successful.

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Diapers and dressing

After several weeks of successful potty breaks, your child might be ready to trade diapers for training pants or underwear. Celebrate this transition. Go on a special outing. Let your child pick out his or her underwear. BUT make sure your child knows how to undress them selfs first so its easier on you and them.