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Our old computer lab has new look and now needs a new name! Please vote here (by Tuesday!) for your choice of what to call our new space. Classes will rotate in for Computer Science and you can book me or Mandi to bring your class in for lot of other activities and lessons. There are still a few more things to be added (like a big screen TV =) so we aren't quite done yet but it's looking good!
Our computer science rotations are ready to start this week 9/12-9/14! We will alternate with yellow and blue weeks beginning with yellow. You can download and print this schedule to keep in your room here. I was able to give everyone their first or second choice for time =) You will notice blocks of time for "tech time sign up" which are open slots you can book me for for any other tech related lesson (like Google stuff, SeeSaw, extra coding lessons, tech portion of Wonders =) you would like to do with your class either in the lab or in your classroom.
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We will be using the SFUSD computer science scope and sequence and curriculum. All grades will follow the curriculum designed for level 1 this year and will progress accordingly in following years. Grade 3 will be following a modified version of both the K-2 and 3-5 grade lessons. These units and lessons are adapted from a variety of vetted computer science resources such as Scratch,, PLTW, Hello Ruby and more. Each lesson identifies the Computer Science Teachers Association Standards.
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Back to School with SeeSaw

Get your students on SeeSaw before Back to School Night so that you can get those parents connected asap! I am happy to help you setup your account and get your kids up and running. We also have a few SeeSaw experts on our staff who are always willing to help too. The benefits of having this connection with your families is huge. Below you will find some links to a few helpful resources.

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