MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 27

1 May 2020

Senior's last day with Google...

I asked IT about senior's last day to access Google Mail, Drive, etc. This is what I got back, and I'll update when I hear more:

5/1/20: Tricia - as of right now it is 30 days after their graduation end date in Infinite Campus which varies between high schools. However, there are currently talks underway about extending that this year. I'll keep this ticket open and let you know as soon as a decision is made. -- Sandy

Will Marks, Tom Norfolk, John Marquez

Thank you for taking the time to go through all the scholarship applicants for the Tailwinds of Hope Scholarship. It meant the world to the family!


Kyle Wimmer and Salling

Thanks for doing wild and wacky stunts on social media.


KWP & Spiegel

Thanks for being caring class sponsors and helping the Class of 2020 get through all this with love, kindness, and cookies.


Stacey Johnson and DeStasio

Thanks for being super troopers and always keeping things positive with the Class of 2021!


Zach Butte

Thank you for all your hard work striking the set. I love working with you - your positive attitude and work ethic is infectious!


Tiffany Hansen

Thanks for organizing the Friday zoom meetings. Today's was especially fun-it's great to see so many faces laughing and dancing. And, Logan's one liners made it even better. ;)


Tricia LaRue

Shout out to Trish for continuing to help me with online database issues.


And, thank your for your patience and for trying something new with your kiddos. It is so odd EBSCO is acting the way it is! -Tricia

Thank you for being overly accommodating during the times social media is bombarded with questions, comments, complaints, and wild oversharing. You are very patient.


Troy Lohmeyer

Thanks for coordinating all of the senior signs and working to get signs to the missed students. That was a ton of work for sure! And, thanks for your patience as we kept sending students missing signs to you...

LaRue and Simpson

Carey McKinney

Thank you for all your help sorting out monies paid and PCards and everything else you do! You are so friendly and efficient and I appreciate you so much.


Regan Mijeres

Thank you for ensuring that all of the 2020 senior awards plaques were ordered, etched with the correct spelling, and delivered on time! That was a a huge undertaking.


Tom Norfolk

Tom not only filmed the Musical for us, but edited and burned enough DVD's for the entire cast and crew. om - you always go above and beyond - thank you for helping to soften the blow of our show being cancelled.


Thanks for putting countless hours gathering footage and editing the 2020 Senior Awards show!


Ian Simpson

You put a lot of time and energy into creating posts for social media. Thanks for teaching me a thing or two (or three...) with the things I don't do often, and it's nice to chat and laugh about the craziness we sometimes encounter.


Sara Williams

Thank you for being department chair. We are a large group of big and difficult personalities and you manage us with tolerance, grace, and humor that we don't always deserve!


And, if you missed it on this week's remote learning tips....

Her laughs are the best.

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